motor quality??? which one???

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by blompod, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. blompod

    blompod Guest

    there are quite a few motors to choose from, according to the article about those cute little chinese motors on this site the gru bee motors are the best. Im in Australia and I can get the Gru Bees here, but only in 50cc, the seller told me that the 70 and 80cc "no brand" models have troubles, and the smaller motors are better made and more reliable, is this the case? I want to get the larger motor, more power of course. just wondering which way to go. If one of the guys in the know on this site could take a look at, the Australian ebay site, do a search for motorised bicycles and please post some feed back on which larger motor to get, would be much appreciated. The only one that mentions a brand is the Gru Bee importer. There is an 80cc picture with a CE on the engine case, does this denote the brand? Anyway if anyone can help, thankyou :D

  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    hi blompod

    i'll have a look later today and help any way i can...
  3. Cookie

    Cookie Guest


    it sounds like some one was blowing smoke your way I have been running the 80cc for over a yr now and have well over 2000 miles on it now the only trouble I have had is the little things that all the bikes go through. The one problem I have noticed is the cdi unit but I think they have worked that out with all the models.

  4. blompod

    blompod Guest

    Thanks cookie, hope thats the case with my 80cc when I get it. I was just led to believe if its not Gru Bee its crap. I must say they do have a nice site on the net.
  5. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i have the howell "70"...never have figured out the "70/80" mystery, but that "80" on the au-ebay appears to be the exact same kit as the one i just installed.

    pay very close attention to bolts and gaskets during the first 20-40 miles, as the posts here indicate...yer gonna LOVE it!!
  6. The "Howell" engine comes from the same factory in China that the GruBee is made in. Howell is just the name of the guy selling it. My name is Green mmmmm.... "Green" engine has a nice tree hugging ring to it. I do a lot of importing of other items and have been checking on a variety of bike engine options. The CE you see on the engine just means it was manufactured to meet CE guidelines and standards.
  7. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    well, yes, i bought my chinese engine from grady howell :p

    please, keep us posted on how that import thing goes 8)
  8. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    they are all made in the same factory by the same hands so what is the big deal :)
  9. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    none at all, i think my post looked as if i dint know that, MHC-P was only being informative, then, i was only being a smartypants :p
  10. blompod

    blompod Guest

    Thanks Augidog and mates, well if they all basicaly come from the same factory its all good. Will order this week, yes really looking forward to it. Mine has to last me a couple of years till i get my licence back, Putting it in an Electra Straight 8. Will post some picks when done. I'll be so breaking the law but as spoken about here, very hard for the local heat to know what kind of power the motor is making. Unless I get a radar gun pointed at me :shock:
  11. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    list of omg what the f

    the rear fender vibrates off the little metal tag that holds it on has metal fatigue...

    you hear a loud bang and the motor stops (your spark plug just blew out of the hole .....

    the little rivet holding the clutch lever has vibrated out (so that is what the weird noise was )

    Chain guard vibrated off but only on the front screw so now it looks like modern art .....

  12. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    :lol: cookie, you are just TOO funny :lol:
  13. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    Those are real things that have happened but the funniest was when we where doing the proto types and I told Sutan the front tire was low on his bike but he wanted to drive home so off he went with me following then I saw his frt tire wobble and he played Peter Pan over the handle bars...I gunned my bike and got up to him as he was laying on the ground taking inventory of bones (yup nothing broken ) we looked at his bike and the tube had gone flat and wrapped around the fork and the bike that was going 30 went to 0 in an instant so this guy that is 6'4" 300 pounds went flying over the handlebars like a little doll.

  14. try1897

    try1897 Guest

    Well Cookie I'm a big guy too and ever sinceI read this I've been keeping an eye on my front tyre. But while I was watching the front tyre the chain jumped ship and wedged in the sprocket/spokes and I rode a locked back wheel to a stop in all of 25 feet. The handel bars weren't as tight as I'd thought because I folded them over and wound up sitting on the gas tank. Fortunatly for us both the gas cap stayed on and there was no exchange of anything as there could have been .I'm not sure who would have gotten the worse end of that but it wouldn't have been plesant for either of us. AS it turned out I fixed the bike and we both have a little more respect for one another. All the best Tom in WV
  15. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    yup those chains can be funny (about 1 inch +or- is all you need anything more and you are in trouble....that is why before I get on my bike in the AM I check all the nuts bolts (now spark plug) and chain before I even start the thing . Even at that once in awhile my little bell I have on the bike to keep the gremlins off of it will not work :)

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