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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Hello from Sacramento ca, Aug 21, 2016.

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  1. i bought a motorized bike and motor kit from bike berry I've been riding it but it shuts off when I come to a complete stop and is shaking like. Crazy anybody from the area that can lend me a hand so I can fully enjoy my present?

  2. first off you gotta set your throttle what you need to do to set your throttle is turning the screw all the way in until it stops then turn it back 2 & 1/2'turns. That should set your Idols straight. Now as far as the vibrating I know that I don't know the guy but he's very very good and he's on this site his name is. (JAGUAR) not all caps. He's awesome he can teach you how to drill a hole that will stop the vibrations ,,,,well.not.stop vibration completely but minimize it.
    So re-post with his name on it and hin being the nice guy that he is we'll definitely get back to you. Now another thing with vibrations if you have a bunch of rubber and all your mounts wrapped around everything people think that's going to stop the vibrations but it's not it's going to cause more. That's just the way itvworks
    You want a strong rigid mount.
    Good luck.

    And as.always
    Have fun and be safe. WINDY CITY BOB
  3. Also check your drivetrain chain. Make sure the rear sprocket lines up with the sprocket on the clutch. If your chain is too loose you going to be rattling like a mother f***er.
    I would need more information to diagnose the situation. There are so many different variables that could be causing you issues. Did you build it yourself did you put it together yourself what kind of there are so many variables that I could not diagnose what the problem is with the vibrations with the information you gave me you must give more information
  4. KCvale

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    The link to the EXACT KIT you have have would be helpful if you want good advice.

    In general though, the first thing you need to do for vibration is make sure your engine is mounted right by giving it the 'shove' test.
    Hold the head with one hand, and the frame top bar above it with the other.
    Then try to shove it back and forth AS HARD AS YOU CAN.
    If it moves AT ALL, that is a fail and where your vibration comes from.

    As far as dying at idle, that is just a clutch ajustment issue and there are tons of topics about that.

    That should you get started on the right track but just note, a cheap crappy unbalanced kit engine will always vibrate some.
    Even the good engines mounted right have some vibration, that is why I never use the kit grips, I replace then with foam BMX grips, with a little coaxing they will slide over the throttle barrel and no matter what the build is,you don't feel the vibrations in your hands ;-}
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    yeah they shake like old Harleys. ha!
    welcome to the DIY club where if you don't learn and modify then your ride will be forgotten and unused.
    Who wants to ride a shaking bike?
    The root cause is the crank wheels had too small holes drilled to balance the assembly. Drilling out the wrist pin helps some.
    Click on my signature link to read more.
    Shutting off when you stop ; insure a good head seal and carb connection (for no air leaks) and then turn in the slide stop screw on the carburetor to get the right idle speed
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    Are you using the clutch before you stop?
  7. KCvale

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    Hehehe, that is actually a valid question ;-}
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