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  1. metalzombievi

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    hello, im new to motorized bicycles and have been trying to do research before i buy/build one. my main question, that i cant seem to find an answer to is this,
    what would be the best size motor for riding around a mountain community with very little flat ground?
    any help or links would be welcome. i looked at a few pages of forum titles and couldnt find anything that fit.

  2. 2old2learn

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    Lots of variables. Power and gear range will be very important in your environment. Some type of shift kit will be needed. The motor will be based on how much speed do you think you'll need. Cost always plays a role as well.

    I'd get in touch with KC on this website and see what he can do for you. He's done some impressive work.
  3. crassius

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    if your weight isn't to great, you might be OK with a 66cc 2-stroke - oversized rear sprockets are available if hills become a problem, but for a person at 150lb or so they do well with a standard 44T
  4. butre

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    a shift kit will help tremendously.
  5. metalzombievi

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    thanks for the help. luckly im not too heavy, under 130. ill start looking at different sized sprockets and shift kits, if they arent too pricy i might get one. ill also try to find KC's websight and see how that goes. thanks.
  6. crassius

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    at 130, you'll probably be happy with the standard sprocket that comes with the kit
  7. bikejock

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    From YouTube videos the 49cc 4G 4 stroke kit seems to handle most typical hills pretty well even with the standard direct drive system. It's also legal in pretty much all states including California. I just placed my order for my 4G kit today and I'll be getting it in the mail middle of next week. Order from Their prices are great and customer support is great to. was trying to charge me a little over $400 in total for the exact same kit but I only payed a little over $320 at They also shipped it out the same day I placed the order (I placed an order early on a business day) also they included parcel tracking via FedEx. ship their kits from Illinois which is a tax free state.

    I'm about 167 lbs and I've been on a 66cc 2 stroke before and it handled the hills just fine before I sold it. I wouldn't recommend driving on too steep of a hill as it could be hard on the engine in the long run. The Problem with a 4 stroke kit is it's not made for most bicycle frame sizes. A 2 stroke is easier to find a bike for because it's about half the size of the HS 4 stroke engines. From what the internet has taught me your bike frame (where the engine would go) needs to be 8 inches wide & 9 1/2 to 10 inches tall to fit the HS 4 stroke. Good luck on your first build.
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  8. josh

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    i just got the exact same kit from them 2 weeks ago. i went through two 2 stroke engine before i finally decided to make the switch
  9. battery

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    If your worried about cost don't buy the shift kit. Instead buy a quality rear rim with sealed bearing. You can stand and peddle up some pretty steep hills with the 44t the shift kit is great if you are planning to crawl through the woods. But for road 44t is great for on road. i live in the hills as well. And I did well on most steep hills as long as I had momentum on the start of the hill.