motor spudders after running.

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    i have a 49 cc motor bike kit. when i start the motor and run it down the road it will run good full throttel. After a few mins of running it will cut in and out. and i will have to idol to keep the motor running. when this happens i open it up all the way and the motor stalls out. i put the choke on and it will never cut in and out. it will only go about 15 mph. at most. I noticed there is gas comming out the carb where the air filter goes. when this problem happens. I am running it with no air filter. I clean the carb often and it dont make a difference.

    Is this a air leak sum where, and why will it run right for only a few mins and cut in and out. this problem is annoying and makes me want to ghost ride it in the river.
    the motor is 2 or 3 years old. and runs good till the problem starts up.

    thanks kyle.

    ive been reading some post would vibrating cause air bubble cause this?
    ill shut it down and start it back up and it will run good for a few more seconds.
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    you can use the search function on this forum to find out how to fix the jetting issues you are experiencing.