motor squeaking

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    i purchased a motor from pistonbikes and when it starts it squeaks real bad its not coming from the cylinder

  2. ddesens

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    Clutch adjustment, grease clutch workings on left side of motor.(take off cover over small sprocket).
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    First, Kill the mouse. (just kidding)
    It probably is just a new clutch. Does it do it when the clutch is in? Be very carefull with grease around the clutch. You only want to put a dab or two on the drive gears only. Too much and it will sling onto the clutch pads and thats not a good thing. Also, There's a press ring that holds the clutch together with tiny bearings under it. You'll have to take off the clutch plate to see it. VERY CAREFULLY put one or two drops of oil on the bearings. Again, too much and you will sling oil on the pads, a bad thing. You'll have to adjust your clutch after you get it together again. You do that with the flower nut that holds on the clutch plate. I don't know why those silly chinese people would put together an engine without lubing it, But they do. The new pads sometimes do squeak some. It should stop with a little break in. But do the lube stuff anyway.
    Big Red.
    P.S. As you're sitting on bike, Clutch cover is on the right.
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    Left side of motor is chain drive sprocket, Right side is clutch side, and only gears under the clutch cover, No "small sprocket" there. Let's not confuse the Newbies.
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    OH, and one more thing. Check the clutch rod to make sure it has some grease on both ends. Now, This IS on the left side of your engine. Where the clutch arm goes into that little gear cover, Remove the cover (three screws). You will see a small shaft that will pull out. BE VERY CAREFULL--- There is a bearing that the rod rides on inside. DON'T LOSE IT. Check to make sure the rod is smooth with no burr's on it. If so, just smooth it with a fine file, Then grease it up. If it's dry and chewing itself up it could also cause a squeak. Again, I guess the Chinese just don't own any grease.
    Big Red.