Motor theft prevention?

Cody wellman

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Jun 7, 2016
After looking around i have found many articles talking about how to lock up your bike to prevent theft. I want to ride my motor bike to work. I am able to park my bike in a pretty open area but their are tons of desperate homeless drug addicts people, and I am worried about thieves. I have a good lock for the frame, and a thick wire cable for the tires, but what can i do to secure the motor from being stolen? Like I said these guys are desperate, they will steal just about anything to get their next fix. Btw heres a picture of my MB, I'm waiting to get a new fuel switch so i can out the gas tank back on!
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Nov 16, 2015
The only thing I can think of is either finding a U bolt that fits between the head and right beneath the front engine mount or get a nice strong chain around the same area with a strong lock (yellow dots). If there is proper tension in the chain and lock, it should not rattle while you ride and a thief should not be able to remove the engine if he or she has removed the mounting bolts. I dunno; hard one, LOL.


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