motor won't fit bike???? (pedal crank clearance)



Engine too big

Couldn't a person just messure the distance from that center post to the engine? Or how do you messure so the engine fits?



what an unexpected issue, huh? well, 1-piece crank, try to find someone to sell you one from the 60cc pull start kit. 3-piece crank, dunno what to tell ya.

base your final decision on how well the engine fits your frame, also.


Most of the time this is not an issue. For an idea of the types of bikes that can easily be fitted look at the gallery. Some require some cutting like the OCC Pacific Bicycle required a slot the length of the clutch cover to clear the pedal chain.


thanks to everyone, its now fixed!!!

Took the bike to bike shop, this town so small (Kanab, UT) only has one and he just open 1 day a week, what he did was to take off my straight cranks and replaced them with new cranks that flared out. I didn't think they would fit because my bike is so old but all is now well. cost=$47.00.
Can't wait till it stops snowing so I can get out to the garage and continue on my project.
Thanks again for all of you that took the time to post. I appreciate it very much.
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