Motor won't start at all

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  1. Vildihell

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    My friend bought a kings 80cc black motor kit 2 stroke and it won't start. We tried the cdi, spark plug and carb on my motor that works good and they seem fine. Kill switch is not installed. We're out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated.
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  2. spad4me

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    I almost killed my self trying to start my kings motors for the first time.
    I was NOT getting fuel into the carb.

    Open the petcock on the bottom of the tank.
    PRIME the heck out of the tickler button at least 30 pushes.
    Lift the choke lever up.
    Peddle down hill about 10 to 15 mph.
    Release the clutch, and keep peddling.

    If the thing does not start.
    Close the fuel petcock.
    Then remove the two screws holding the bottom of the carb on .
    Open the fuel petcock.
    And watch for a flow of fuel.
    Did you see a flow of fuel?
    Close the petcock.
    Post results .
  3. mikaleno

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    I would take the plug out, then push it back into the boot and just lay it on top of the head so the bottom of the spark plug is grounded. Then spin the back tire to turn the engine over and see if you are indeed getting spark.
  4. Vildihell

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    Well we already know that its not the carb because it works on mine just fine, my friends motor is getting to much gas and we already put the E clamp button on the needles top notch in the idler but still gets to much gas. Any help would be great.
  5. to much gas .Is it dripping out or the carb?
    Or to much gas the spark plug is wet.

    if its dripping out .and will not start your float may be defective( cracked).
    Or it could be just flooded.

    Wet plug my indicate just being flooded or defective plug or .
    no spark .
    Try disconnecting kill switch. make sure both wires going to the coil are correct and have a good connection.
    Last thing ...Make sure your oil fuel ratio is correct.