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    Hello everyone I'm new to this forum and I am just completing my first motorbicycle. (see pic) I really enjoyed building and I love riding it. But in Oregon I have to be very careful. This is one of those states that over-regulates everything and I have not completed the entire title/registration/insurance follies yet. I am still in the process of finishing my electrical system which when finished will power a duel lamp headlight, turn indicators, brake, tail and plate lights. What a pain the the rear but it is the only way to register and title it here in Oregon. I have built a voltage regulator/battery/charging system and if it works out as planned I may start selling them to others that have to deal with the beaurocratic nightmare that is the Oregon DMV. when complete it will be the same as any mkotorcycle/magneto powered charging sysem. I have noticed on the forums that many folks want good lighting but no one has cracked it, or sells a complete kit so if successful I will offer plans and maybe parts for others to build thiers. Hope others will find this interesting please write if you have questions. sideshow bob

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    Sideshow, welcome.

    I try not to ride my bike at night. Old eyes, potholes, cracks, inattentive drivers, etc.

    However, if yours works well, I'm interested.:detective:
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    I am interested in a full lights system. I don't NEED one to legally ride here in Wisconsin, but I still want full lights. I have been mentally planning out a simple system that would be powered with something like a 12v camping light battery, but I would love something that was powered off the magneto (and still be effective)
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