Motorbike 80cc Turbo?


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Nov 11, 2008
Was kickin the idea of possibly putting a turbo on a 80cc bike engine, altho not the smartest of things, still think it would be fun beating ****y cars with it if any sort of turbo could be made, was possibly thinking of mking my own forced induction system, possibly some sort of dyson vacuum or something in reverse, any thoughts ideas, anyone ever hear of anything of this sort or am i the only idiot that wants a turbo'd bicycle haha
Its been talked about before. My personal belief that a turbo on a 2 stroke is not practical. The best way to improve power on a 2 stroke is any of the following: a tuned piped, a free flowing intake and exhaust, a real carb with reed valve intake, and upping compression by shaving the head.

If you can do it, I'd love to hear about it.
Yea i saw that boost bottle thing on one online and figured they might be able to hook up something a little more powerfull than a little bottle with a tube
2 strokes can be blown engines... and in combination with reeds and a pipe could make for a very fast machine..

I did have a thought and that is to modify the motor so it drives its own blower by cutting away the metal a little around the engine drive sprocket and extending the chain to run a blower connected up to the induction side of the engine...

This would give the advantage of a infinately variable single speed blower of a similar - but smaller - type as used on aero engines. This would give you variable power assist right up to maximum power...

Couple that with a pipe and reeds on the exhaust side and the machine should fly... (reeds on the induction side would possibly slow and/or block the charge)

Jemma xx