Motorbike Build #2

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    It is time for me to prep up for my moto build #2. I've learned alot and I am ready to make a much better version.

    Decision #1: I ordered a Skyhawk Motorized Bike frame, the one with the rounded downtube (GT2-A). I've read every possible google search and it looks like a good choice and makes a good looking moto.

    Decision #2: even though I hate to do it, I'll have to scrap my motorbike build #1. Although it has performed very well, and I have ridden well over 1000 miles on it, I knowI am pushing my luck. the 700c wheels have performed very well, but the chances for flats is much too high. So I will go to a 26x 1.95 wheel choice. I can find tough tubes and tires at cheap prices.

    My problem: a friend of mine gave me a decent mountain bike a few months ago with my intention to use the brakes, wheels and tires for the new motorbuild. The brakes should be fine, but as I removed the rear wheel, I was surprised to see it was a 24". Crap! So now I need to procure a tough 26" wheelset as well as find a new front fork.

    I will use my currect 66c 2 stroke that is performing so well for me. It's running rich at or near WOT so I plan to get a smaller 66 carb jet. I also intend to order a 40 tooth sprocket to give me just a bit more top end speed, I'd like to do 29-30 mph without WOT.

    I like low, narrow handlebars for a racer type style so I may end up reusing the ones on my current moto.

    I learned that exhaust modifications have to be well thought out. I like how I kicked the exhaust out the back but the final placement above the rear tire was problematic. I got a lot of oil drip onto the frame and onto the rear spokes so anytime I had to touch a spoke - wheel truing, locking the bike up, etc)- I would inevitably get oil on my hands. So I think I will order one of those short banana pipes.

    This is gonna cost me a little $$$ but it should produce a very good moto.