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    Im looking for material to upgrade the clutch, Is there any other material i could use? I broke my clutch lever but was 10 miles from my house so i just rode it home, the material still works but it kind of glazed over.Ill get pics of the moon dog when i get a new camera(someone broke the old one:shock:).

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    Im looking just for the pads.
  3. Click on that thread in the upper right. I think there's a source for someone there that has just the pads.
  4. I had to replace the pads, I got them from motorbikemike I think. dax doesn't sell the replacement pads. They are kind of a pain to replace, but you don't have to tak eof the whole clutch to change them, just pull the old ones out with a plyers and finagle the new ones back in with a screwdriver and plyers (just don't do it in the dark like I did and you won't cut yourself). try not to inhale the asbestos!
  5. I knew there was a post like that somewhere.
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