Motorbike wont engage (Start) | Motor Locks Up and wont start

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Jayx1, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Jayx1

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    Okay, so i was riding my bike a couple of days ago and i noticed it seemed to have lower power than usual. I noticed my carb was slightly leaning while i was riding it, so i figured it must be a little loose, adjusted it with my foot and once it was aligned properly it picked up speed no problems.

    2 minutes before i made it home, i'd adjusted the carb again as my speed slowed once again the carb was off center. while trying to adjust the carb, i heard a weird sound, immediately killed the motor and discovered id actually broken my carb.

    So with the motor disengaged i rode the last 2 minutes home and replaced the carb back on the bike using clamps to help secure it. I rode the bike it started but i noticed it was a little difficult to peddle to start but it started up with no problems.

    I rode about a quarter mile, came to stop sign and then the motor stopped (Which isn't unusual for me when coming to stops im not great at taking off from a completely w/o peddling first but i still try).

    Afterwards when i peddled as normal and release the clutch (engaged the motor) the motor didn't turn over at all instead Every-time i release the clutch it would lock the engine and cause my bike not to budge at all.
    Disengaged it was riding but it was harder than usual to ride so i adjusted the clutch wire & Now it's very easy like normal to ride.

    *I've had a problem with it before so i checked my chain alignment - which is good*
    *I removed the plate to check there was no chain bunched up - There wasn't any so good there*

    It has plenty of fuel so i don't know what the problem could be.
    I've had the bike for about a month now, it was brand new motor so im sure there's nothing seriously wrong with it, im only getting past the break in period.

    My spark plug is good, but even if it wasn't getting spark it should still try to turn the engine over but it just locks the bike.
    Any Advice and help will be well appreciated - Any Suggestions???

  2. butre

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    the engine isn't seized, is it?
  3. Jayx1

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    Yes it is (Its not moving at least), if that's what you mean. . . Now I'd like to say the very first day I got the bike together I had help from uncle (whom is unable to help at the moment), while testing it that day this very same problem happened. He fixed it within 5-10 min. I feel like I should've paid better attention. I did call him & ask how he fixed it that day his response * "Hmm I don't know!" (Great I'm screwd) "I think it was chain tensioner, I believe it was interfering with the wheel and causing it not to start" (Good, at least that's something I check I thought) so I did checked the tensioner Even tried 3 times just to be sure, but that didn't help. I figure if the chain was the issue or the tensioner I should encounter a problem when riding disengaged right? Since the chain still moves. I'm quite positive its not seized due to lack of lubrication, as I always make sure my gas and oil are mixed well & I use sythentic Or Semi sythentic oil, i try to use the good stuff so my engine will last for a long time. . .
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  4. dougsr.874

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    Don't know what you mean by "broke" carb...depending on what happened, the engine could have sucked something down the intake & locked the engine up...take the head off and see what the piston & cyld. looks like...
  5. crassius

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    look at the broken carb, to see if a piece is missing - if so, look for that piece in the motor
  6. Jayx1

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    Okay so i've removed the cylinder head as suggested & was very disappointed to find that my piston head is indeed Stuck, so maybe i needed more oil mixed than suggested. . . The carb broke where it normally attach to the engine, a couple cm broke off which made it harder to reattach but i got it on there. Now I've put some oil on the piston hoping this will lubricate it enough over the next few days and free it but if not i saw 1 on ebay for $10. -I Thank You Guys For All Your Help
  7. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    don't buy a piston until you know exactly what has happened - had a customer last week that was going to order a top end because of scoring in cylinder, when I looked at it, it was easy to see that the scoring was from pieces of the big-end bearing coming apart

    in your case, it may just be a piece of the carb that is blocking the port & did no real damage yet
  8. dougsr.874

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    Also check the cylinder...possibility the cyld. also is scroed
  9. Jayx1

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    To Update; It was a piece of the carburetor that got sucked into the engine & seized it.
    After removing the cylinder head - which was very difficult, i tried to hammer it out but
    i had to use a large C-Clamp to push the piston down, after getting the piston 90% down i was
    able to use a small wooden stick and mallet and hammer it out.

    My Piston was severely damaged near the bottom, it looked as if someone banged it with a hammer.
    At first glance i thought it was a defective piston but i discovered the Carburetor piece when i held
    the motor upside down and shook it a few times.

    I replaced the piston & got a new Performance Carburetor & All Is Good!