Motorbiking laws in Alabama?

License Required & Registration Required

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    Hey Guys was wondering what the laws are in Alabama regarding Motored bicycles. I don't live there yet but maybe in the future.

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    In this mornings Law Enforcement Reports, a new one popped up on my radar, I thought helmets for bicycles was optional for adults.

    But a 31 y.o. man got cited for "bicycle helmet required", plus attempting to elude and paraphanalia charge for a syringe.

    I'm guessing the lack of helmet was the excuse to turn on the siren, and that he might be a known culprit on the other stuff.

    Anyway, its the very first time I ever saw "bicycle helmet required", knowing full well I've seen packs of teenagers with only baseball caps turned backwards.
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    Look at Allison

    For "bicycles" (not motor driven cycles) Helmets are optional for ages 16+ (32-5A-283).

    Concerning the rest of the laws restrained to motor-driven cycles, see:

    Specifically 32-12

    A bicycle with motor attached is a Motor-Driven Cycle 32-12-20 (no engine size limit - says the limit on engine size limit of 200cc is for motorcycles, no speed limitations provided you have adequate lighting 32-5-242e see person 100ft away 25MPH, 200ft away 25MPH to 35MPH, 300ft away 35+MPH).

    32-12-22 can be argued if you have an Alabama's Drivers License you do not have to register it (as it says those with a license are exempt from registering and obtaining an operator's license); although, I'm not certain I want to trust that "creative" interpretation. Must have adequate braking determined by director of public safety and can be ridden on highways 32-12-24. Fine up to $500, and/or imprisonment up to six months 32-12-27, and revoke license 32-12-26.

    Unless you have an enclosed cab, you must wear the proper apparel while on a motor driven cycle (SHOES, HELMET) 32-5a-245 & 32-12-41; otherwise, fine for HELMET infraction is from $1 to $100, imprisonment in a county jail and up to 180 days hard labor per infraction.

    I believe a License Plate is Required, as is proof of adequate Insurance.

    How does one register it??? No Clue, if I knew I would have bought a kit and been riding it already.

    I have been talking to Phil Williams who is running for seat 6 in the legislature to see if something can be done to remove registration hassles. Many of us here would love it if registration, tag, license and insurance requirements were exempt from motor assisted cycles. If that was done, AL would have all the other states beat in terms of MAB friendliness.
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    for thought. page 9

    Motor Driven Cycle License - Fourteen and 15 year old
    – Any person 14 or 15 years of age may obtain a restricted license to operate
    a motor driven cycle weighing not more than 200 pounds, nor exceeding
    150cc engine displacement. The examination for this license is taken from
    the Alabama Motorcycle Manual. Upon passing the required examination,
    the applicant will be issued a Class M Alabama driver license with a “B”
    restriction. The “B” restriction indicates that the holder may operate a
    motor driven cycle only. This license is valid for four years.

    The reading I got was that at 16 years old and drivers license required.

    • Every bicycle driver on a roadway has to wear an approved helmet. page 29

    (Acts 1949, No. 652, p. 1006, Sec.1.)
    Most but not all 50cc Scooters weigh less than 200 pounds but some do. Make sure you purchase a Scooter weighing less than 200 pounds. You do not need to register or insure it in Alabama. Bicycles with motors attached are considered motor-driven cycles. As long as you do not exceed 200 pounds in weight, 5hp or 150cc you do not need to register or insure it. Nothing in the Code of Alabama requires retaining operational pedals.bothered about not having a tag on my motor-driven cycle since.
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