Motorbiking to work!

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Feb 25, 2008
I just got hired at an Ihop that is somewhat far away - about 3 1/2 - 4 miles. Is motorbiking there on a busy highway + intersection a bad idea?! Do any of you use your motorbike in situations like this? Thanks. :cool::D:confused:
Im going to say is this my friend, "death wish". Someone on a cell phone or reaching for a piece of paper will surely take you out. Is there any way to make it a 6 mile trip and casualy go through a few neighborhoods? Most highways have a minimum 45 mph speed limit. Would you even be legal on this highway? graucho
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dalton: your post is off-topic (we have a "commuting" forum) and it's clear you haven't checked out our policies, which we take (and enforce) quite seriously...

all new members are expected to "introduce yourself" first, it's polite & it's policy.

i will delete this thread when i see we're on the same page. then, feel free to go to the "traveling & commuting" forum and post your comments or questions in an appropriate existing topic.
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