Motorcycle forks fit?

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    I was just wondering if anyone out there can assist me. I want to know if these Suzuki Forks will fit my bike. These forks have I believe the same measurements as my fork.
    Suzuki Dimensions:
    Offset: unknown
    Overall Length: 26"
    Distance from Bottom Triple Tree to Axle is 16"
    Top Triple Tree to Axle is 24"
    Length of Neck: 6.5" (probably threadless)
    Distance between forks: 4.5"
    Axle Mounting Holes: Approx. .39" for a 3/8" Bolt
    My Springer:
    Offset: ~2.5"
    Overall Length: 24"
    Distance from Bottom Triple Tree to Axle is: 16"
    Top Spring to Axle is: 24"
    Length of Neck: 6.5" (threaded)
    Distance between forks: 4"; will 2x0.25" spacers work to make 4.5"?
    Axle Mounting Holes: 3/8"
    I am aware this fork will add weight, but a good triple-tree suspension fork for a bike is soooo expensive. I am also considering saving for a Morini Franko motor an I think fork will do well. Furthermore, what kind of headset will I need or what king of mods will be required. Or is this even possible.

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    here are pics

    I forgot to add that these forks are only $39.

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    Well i would try to get a "chopper bike" like the west coast chopper bikes, there 24'' wheels but they come with a triple tree set up it might be easier to start with one of those frams the neck tube is large and my be easier work with....... i was lucky e-nuff to stmble on a pair or marzochi trpl trees for 50 bucks at the local recycled cycles...... Dont know what would be needed to mod until you get the forks and frame next to each other..... but for fun me and my buds took some old 70's 100 kowasaki forks and stuck them i think on a Dyno cruiser. worked out ok the hardest part was making adapter sleeves to fit on the bicycle axle and inside of the forks.... My bud worked in a machine shop and used some piston bearings, turned them on his lunch....GOOD LUCK
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