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Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by srdavo, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. srdavo

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    do you know anywhere to find information on motorcycle safety for riding with kids... set of guidelines or something... googled and most of the sites I found are ultimately trying to sell gear... need something that is JUST legitimate information... help?


  2. JosephGarcia

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    You mean to have them as a passenger?

    Yeah, "Don't Do It."

    Just kidding. :grin:
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    Dave, riding with children is best if they are large enough to properly reach the foot pegs and have a secure hold on you, not the bike somewhere.

    Also properly fitting helmets are a must- don't just use one that covers their head. Of course cover them in protective gear- skateboarding/rollerblading stuff is a help, but better to get them a decent jacket, and real protection like some motoX gear.

    I wouldn't take my girls on the bike until they were "adult sized", then only for very local rides.

    Any help?
  4. srdavo

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    yes, thanks. I did find several articles on the web. most were common sense.

    My friends are members of our local BACA chapter. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) They are doing really good things.