Motorcycle Trivia (in Movies)

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    Hi I'm Bob Stewart and here are some trivia about motorcycles in movies:

    Torque the movie is definitely one of the better motorcycle movies in my opinion. The actors are not on the A list which is nice to see but they are from other movies. The story line and script is nice and simple with one or two great twist. Stereotypes and clich├ęs are every where! Where do I start: badies on Harleys, FBI, gangs, drugs but no sex scenes thankfully. Also no car is faster than motorcycle stupidity.

    James Bond : Over the years 007 has had bikes make appearances as hero and villain vehicles. However unlike James preference for Made In England vehicles, esp. Aston Martins and the unforgettable Lotus Esprit, I have yet to see him or anyone else for they matter ride English motorcycles. So is a Triumph ever going to movies ? Apart from that he's been ridding a variety of BMWs over the years. From a disguised KT100, RS1200.

    Return of the Jedi : Check out the Endor Moon bike speeder chase. Sure they don't have wheels but you get the drift.

    The Phantom Menace : The first scene with 'Padme and Jar Jar Binks' on the way to Tatooine. As she is cleaning R2-D2 you will notice that they have used GIVI motorcycle cases (as well as other regular ones) as props. They do look good. Then you have Darth Maul riding what is definitely a flying motorcycle when he arrives to Tatooine.
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    Probably more appropriate to this forum's subject matter are appearances of the French Velosolex motorized bicycle in a couple of movies. This is a quote from a Wall Street Journal article:

    "One look at the distinct shape of a Velosolex conjures flashbacks. For some it's to postwar Paris, where the motorized bikes made getting around cheap, easy and chic. Robert Redford braved New York traffic on one in 1975's "Three Days of the Condor." And wasn't that Steve McQueen astride a Velo on the set of his auto-racing movie "Le Mans?"

    We rented "Three Days of the Condor" specifically to see the Velosolex scenes! It was a good movie, too.