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    I am looking to build some wheels using bicycle hubs and motorcycle wheels, spokes and tires for My MB, mainly to run motorcycle rated tires as speeds get faster and faster I think this thread could help all.

    basically this is the info needed:

    What motorcycle wheel/ tire combo will give the same height/circumference as a 26 in bicycle wheel ( this is very important to me as Im running a final belt drive if you are using a sprocket you could always go more/less teeth as needed)

    Spacing: needs to be able to fit between the stays ( so the narrower the better) the same goes with the front end. Although there is someone making mb forks with 5 inch spacing but I would prefer to find somthing that would fit between the felts.

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    Ehhh, I disagree here. Motorcycle wheels and tires are really heavy compared to even heavy duty bicycle setups, and their weight has a drastic affect on acceleration and braking.

    I understand that one might want to go that route for a racebike to take to a track, but on the street you're pretty much just jumping the shark here, IMHO.

    When you take into account all that weight, the big drum brakes, the big engine needed to get going, you just end up with a really heavy wannabe motorcycle.

    No offense, it's just that you're moving away from a motor-assisted bicycle. Might as well just get a moped, scooter, or motorcycle. Again, just my humble opinion.
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    An opinion I happen to agree with so that makes two of us. I agree with everything you wrote. For organized events at a race track where unlimited classes are part of the venue, sure. But if the assumption is that the future of MABs will be
    I don't think it will be much help at all and in fact be counterproductive for both practical and legal street reasons.
    Practical because it just ensures a power to weight to power chase and legal because a majority of states already limit MAB/moped in HP/displacement and top operating speeds. Lightweight, low power motor assisted bicycles are a treat and get a legal pass in many places, I'd hate to see that further encroached upon or just made more like all other two wheeled motor vehicle classes.
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    To have a good number of tire options, these 2 are the best I could find:

    19" Rim ... 90/90-19 Tire:
    ((19" * 25.4) + (90mm * .90 * 2)) / 25.4 = 25.38" diameter
    90mm / 25.4 = 3.54" width

    21" Rim ... 80/90-21 Tire:
    ((21" * 25.4) + (80mm * .90 * 2)) / 25.4 = 26.67" diameter
    80mm / 25.4 = 3.15" width

    I developed my formulas from this post:
    Tire size calculator...

    Best of luck
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