Motored bicycle publicity

Some dude posted a comment and plagiarized my post on the laws and regs forum big time... check it from article:
I believe these vehicles are classified in New Hampshire as a Moped and need to be registered. Here is what I have found out:

Required specifications:
No more than 50cc
No more than 30mph on the flats
Headlight viewable from 500 yards in dark
Taillight AND brake light viewable from 500 yards in dark
Must not require you to shift for engine power (variable transmissions ok and clutch ok)
Registration costs $3 per year (yeah, three whole dollars)
No fee for plate.
No inspection, ever! Not even when registration is first issued.

Here is what you need to bring with you to the DMV:
Bike frame serial# (usually underneath near the crank)
Make and manufacturer

No title required, No bill of sale. Just tell them it's a home built from a kit.
- David, Keene

Gawdammm! at least he could have retyped it a bit... I still (as far as I know) hold title as first NH motoredbiker :)
hi; great publicity. i post under bikes for sale in craigs list--seattle. fyi--im not selling anything--eco ride 200mpg+ 30mph peddle or not, check out, gebe, and other sources. i even give my net add, if we all did it locallyimagine how many riding buddies we could have. good luck mitch
You know-- I'm going to be honest. I would write my local news and tell them I get a bike that does 150 mpg, and they MIGHT do a story on it, BUT--- one time I emailed them after my xbox360 broke-- i was ****ed because it had a 3 month warranty, and died on the 4th month after VERY VERY normal, maybe even less than normal use. So right away, they came and did a story on it. Turned out they made me look pretty geeky, and cut out everything I said that was IMPORTANT. I was embarrassed and a little mad.

The ONE good thing that came out of it-- the NEXT WEEK, Microsoft raised their warranty to 3 years & refunded EVERYONE who paid money to have it fixed before that. Was my story the last straw? Maybe-- I live in a big city-- I'm sure I didn't help their sales that Christmas! hahaha.

At 22/23 years old-- the last thing I needed was for the entire city to see me on the TV complaining about my Xbox360. That didn't help my rep-- hahaha. A motorized bicycle story might not help me recover.

I think I need a story about me running into a burning building and saving a baby.
no offense and motorized bicycles are two different animals. one has hindered healthy socialization of our younger generations, the other promises the exact opposite.
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Haha.. Thing is, I only play a video game probably about once a week. I was just mad that it broke, because it was expensive!! I actually ride my bike more than I play video games. Which isn't much STILL. Although, for the FIRST time, I road my bike all the way to work. It's about a 12 mile ride. There's a TON of hills here, so it was interesting. I don't do it that often though because of the busy roads... I really have a hard time trusting drivers.

Otherwise, I get all my excersize playing on my soccer team, or hittin' the weights.

Oh, and hey--- at least their a little socialization on the video games when you play online! lol
haha back at ya...i know you understand what i meant, and i get yer drift, too...overall not many young folks are being as active as you happen to be, tho :)
probably not. I think people are more active in Southern CA than in other states though. I'm basing that theory off of some statistics I heard. I think it has to do with the weather & "hollywood". We don't have "winter". We have like, a total of 10 rainy days a year in SD, lol. But yeah, video games can really be addicting. I'm not going to lie-- SOME video games, especially the ones on the new systems, are like watching a movie, and then being able to control the character. You can really get into the action, and the story line. Some of these new games actually start off like a movie sequence, and then before you know it, you're in control.

Anyway-- back to the subject. Good publicity for motorized bicycles is important. I'll tell you what. If we can get some celebrities on motorized bicycles, that'd jump start it. It should be the next iPod. I KNOW that if I rode my bike around the beaches, people would stop and ask questions, and get into the idea. I just wish my bike looked a little cooler. I need a new muffler.. thatsdax doesn't have any more of the cool ones in stock. Bummer. I wish I knew someone my own age, or had a friend that drove one of these bikes. I'm the only one I've ever met that ones one of these.

One time I was passing a big "earth day" event downtown, and I saw ONE older man driving a motorized bike and I almost wanted to pull over in traffic and take pictures and shake his hand. It was like seeing a myth in real life.. hahaha.