motored bike, Eton electric with pusher trailer bike, Tanaka 40 and 47cc motors

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    We moved to the country and are attempting to get into kids race karts since my children are preteen and teenager now. So I would like to sell some of the toys I built for them and ME.

    Eton electric bike with a pusher motor. The throttle needs a better setup and the hinge. BUilt it out of a cheap chinese scooter and a brand new eton bike.
    I am asking 500 OBO + shipping for the setup complete or would prefer pickup.


    Raleigh M30 full suspension bike with BMP friction drive kit, nice memory foam seat, raised bars, 1L aux tank and Tanaka 40cc motor. Everything works great and runs like a top as of shut down last fall. I am asking 700 OBO for the complete setup.


    Tanaka TC47 with low hours used on a powerboard and the Raleigh bike for a short time.The motor runs GREAT and PUll my 300# butt around easily. Asking 375 OBO + shipping.


    I also have a Tanaka PF4000 engine available for sale that ran flawless. Asking 250 OBO +shipping.

    Next is a decked out 35cc powerboard with all the goodies: pipe, juice box, evo suspension and race carb. I was clocked at ~40 mph in the city with this scooter. Asking 450 OBO + shipping.

    I have a slew of performance parts for these scooters along with a spare chassis or 2. The scooters were play toys for the family to run around Huntington WV.

    If you have any questions or comments PPLEASE LMK... prichmon74@@@yahoo....Com

    If you would like more photos or if I am horribly off base on pricing please send me a PM or if you have any kind of odder...

    Thanks Rich

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    bumpy make offers...
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    Do you have a Tanaka 47R engine?

    Also looking for a Tanaka 3-piece pipe.
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    The engine is a standard TC47 not an R. I have as I recall 2 - PF40s, 1 TC355 and 1 TC47, 1 chinese 36cc.

    I have a kart TC47 race pipe that is 2 piece. It mounts and turns to the left. I was going to cut the pipe and reweld it to make a correct mounting.

    I have a no name 3 piece pipe on the TC355 I would be willing to sell but would need to trade someone for their stock exhaust can.

    The complete TC355 is sick how fast it can run with pipe, juice box, race carb and filter..
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    bumpy... make offers.
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    Where are you located?
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    Ripley wv
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    hi prichmon
    do you still have the tanaka 40?, what is your lowest price on it. thanks in advance