Motored bike flooding while running

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Zboxking, Feb 4, 2016.

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    Hi I've built up a sh*t load of these bike and 90% of them flood not majorly but enough to annoy the sh*t out of me while I'm riding, when the bike is running you should be able to give it full throttle and it should just rev of its nut, the last few bikes I've had all do the same thing even with the clutch in when u give it full throttle its should just rev like crazy, my bikes bog out then the revs go back up then bogs out then go up again then bogs and so and so, I've tried every possible way to fix this problem, I've adjusted the needle and cirt clip so it's running lean as possible without physically bending the needle and seat, then still runs the same, then I bend the needle and seat, then it will fix it for about 1km of riding then back to floodin again
    I swear I'm the only one that has these issues, has this happened to anyone else ? If so tell me what you did to fix it, I've tried literally every thing even a brand new carby doesn't fix it pls give me some ideas not stupid ones though
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    clean the brass fitting on ur carb where the fuel line meets and their should be a pin hole inside use a pin needle small enought to poke threw and see if small bits of sand and gunk i think this is what my problem was it a tiny hole that fills up with micro sand parts try this and tell me what happens if u see sand or gunk once u clean it
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    sounds a bit like the surging that happens when the motor mounts are loose (or an extended intake manifold is used)
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    Did you try a smaller jet???