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    Sup folks? Newbee here-Im totally unsure of what I am gonna do just yet. I was considering buying a Worksman(American made)we use them @ my factory employer. I was 1st intrigued by the airless tire, I ride 5-5.5mi to work daily & have experienced a flat :( I also own an old "outdoor kept" bike w/sum locked-up bearings that I considered building maybe this winter? I own&use a MIG welder, was invisioning a springer/girder frontend & possibly a swingarm rear suspension. Lg undertaking I know. I am currently drivers licenseless & am forced to this commuting alternative. I've been pricing BikeBerry as an excoworker advised, I am also thinking & sum custom drive-hubbed wheels(as opposed to the "sandwich" style spoke drive? Between a BikeBerry kit & a Worksman-Im hovering around a grand! How inexpensively can I build this ole waterlogged unit I already own? I could use any direction that any of you could please offer up. Disc or drum brakes??? HELP

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    Welcome to mbc (from an old Michigander, for that matter. Spent some time in Flat Rock, too.)

    I can't really answer your specific questions. But I do have some advice; just read, read, read and then read some more.

    Click on any headline that looks interesting. In no time you'll start learning. And soon you'll start learning the stuff you want to know. Not long after that, you'll have the bike you want taking shape in your mind.

    Have fun.