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    first, i want to thank skyl4rk for all his help. it is due to his help that i am at this point. i have done some research and i don't think this topic has been raised. i am considering purchasing a 2 stroke or 4 stroke motor kit for my schwinn frontier mtb. my bike is about 13 years old, but in great shape. anyone with experience with putting a motor on this bike? here is my real question, though. i have a nine month old son. i am thinking that i will either put a baby seat on the front or back or i might pull one of those child carriers/chariots. what do you guys think is the best choice? my first thought was 2 stroke with child seat on back, but during my research on this site i noticed something about 2 strokes smoking quite a bit. my main concern is fumes from the engine. if you have a pic of your motorized bike with a child seat or chariot i would love to see it.

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    you can buy synthetic smokeless 2 Stroke oils from Red Line but you still have fumes regardless of 2 or 4 stroke you could run a poo poo pipe out the back and eliminate a lot of the fumes out the back as well as noise..... Just a thought, The only thing I would be concerned about is if your going to put a kid in it! I have heard stories from customers about cops not liking that idea, but I think its awesome to cruse the wee ones around.
    I was raised in the desert and was in my ol mans buggie at like 6 months.
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    If you ran a pusher trailer, the noise and any fumes would be behind you...
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    In case the bicycle loses traction or tips over, IMO a trailer for your child would be much safer.
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    That's a great idea. If you have a stable bicycle, a good carrier, and a pusher trailer with two wheels, the baby would not be breathing any 2-stroke smoke!
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    Off the top I am reluctant to recommend anything rather than simply pointing out some things and the necessity for your own due diligence in the matter.

    It would seem prudent to adhere to all the safety concerns that riding with an infant on a regular pedal bicycle presents first before thoughts of adding complications of motorizing it.

    This is something I've never done but I know people do it with rack mounted seats and tag-a-long trailers, perhaps you have some friends or aquaitences with first hand experience you could ask for recommendations. Internet searches in this regard might be helpful also particularly in the context of product recalls.

    If it were me, I would be extremely cautious with any thought of adding an internal combustion engine to a bike I were to use transporting my infant child, exhaust fumes among them but not limited to that as chains can come undone and parts can fall off.

    Lots of things can go wrong with cheap bikes and cheap engine kits as evidenced by reading posts here and in threads like this:
    not to mention general hazards of riding public roads in traffic.

    I see you were looking at Ehubs and perhaps you were onto something there.
    Lots of good reading here, lots to think about, take your time and best of luck in your decisions.
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    yes -- I had brought up this smoke (slight) smoke concern on another thread
    regarding a child setting behind -- breathing
    I think it to be a good thing that you are taking into consideration here

    have fun as the two of you -- ride the motor bike
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    great points

    thanks. a lot to consider.

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    You perhaps ought to take a look at the Cyclone engine technology - external combustion, no petroleum based lubricants, complete combustion (so complete that there are less harmful pollutants in the exhaust than in the intake air in a city environment), response times on start up comparable to most gas engines, and a power to weight ratio comparable to most 2 strokes. Efficiency of fuel utilization is variable, but averages better than most diesel engines, and the design can use any combustible liquid or gaseous fuel.
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    I have well over 7000 miles of pulling my 2 granddaughters all over town
    I bent my exhaust so it aims straight down and they have never complained about fumes (only while filling up)

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    Very nice azbill! I bet your granddaughters LOVE riding in it too!
  12. azbill

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    they do love their trailer :)
    the coolest part is...
    when I wrench on mine, they pretend to work on their trikes :):):)
    can't wait till there is 3 generations on bikes here :)