Motored bikes in Pa. now illegal?

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  1. I just got the news from the research department of the Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation. The regulation we have been riding legally under was defining a motorized bicycle as an "assisted pedal cycle". It had to be operable by pedal power alone, the engine had to be under 50cc, not to exceed 1.5hp, have an "automatic" transmission, be limited to a top speed on level ground of 25mph, and the operator had to have a valid drivers license. It was considered to be a bicycle, legal to be ridden in accordance to all rules and regs applicable to bicycles. The assisted pedal cycle section is now missing altogether from Pa. DOT regulations. Some GD nameless faceless firking bureaucrat probably decided it wasn't necessary and deleted it. MBs now seem to be covered under Pa. law as mopeds.

    To be legal as a moped, you will have to apply for a VIN number and a title, have it inspected as a "modified" motor vehicle, then get your MB registered as a moped. As I read the regs for mopeds, they must have a generator or alternator to keep a battery charged so as to operate approved lights. There is a bunch more but I'm to discouraged to think about it right now.

    I don't think I'm going to jump through all the hoops required to get a VIN, title, and do all the mods required to make my MBs into mopeds. They will get heavy and complicated and a big part of the fun of MBing for me was the freedom of avoiding all that carp. Instead I will sell my MBs and get back into motorcycling. I am bummed out, disappointed, and pi**ed off. Want to buy a motored bike cheap? Pix of my 2 bikes are on my profile. A Schwinn Jag with a Staton friction drive powered by a Robin 35 4 stroke, and a full suspension twin disc braked bike with a Golden Eagle drive system also powered by a Robin 35 4 stroke.

    This just flat SUX!!!

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    I talked with a fellow on the telephone today from the Harrisburgh area that his wife works for the state. I met him on another forum. He said that he has ben stopped over 30 times in the last few years by police that really don't know the laws. He is going to send me the information about the Pa. laws that he uses. His wife did the research for him. This sounds like he has a copy of the law that we are looking for. He is positive that no license are needed, just the usual engine size, etc. restrictions. He is also installing bicycle engine kits for other people. Don't give up yet, and don't sell the bike.