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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hajuu, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. Hajuu

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    G'day folks,

    Over the past few months i've been busy building my first build, and now nearing its completion, I have grown quite close to my local parts dealer.

    He was aware I was a web developer and as such, he has asked me to make him an online storefront for his fledgling business. And it occurred to me, surely if I have gripes with many of the sites available (especially in Australia), then perhaps the community at large has gripes that could easily be addressed if only someone asked the question.

    So now, I pose it to you, what do you like/dislike/would like to see, from your FAVORITE online motored bike store? Where applicable i'd ask you give links so we can clearly see what you mean.

    No suggestion will be ignored, from design, to new products, to functionality, anything you can think of.


  2. professor

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    This isn't a motorized bike store, but I buy stuff from TNC scooters and bicycle parts from Niagaracycle. I like how easy it is to find things.
  3. SimpleSimon

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    My biggest gripe, with many sites, is that they do not provide pricing information on the goods pictured/listed - in many cases they want you to open a "shopping cart", give them much info, before they will tell you an actual price for the goods. No thank you - price is ALWAYS a concern on my budget, and I hate wasting the time to go through the shopping cart process only to discover that they want more for their goods than I am willing to pay.

    Open, honest, fair presentation of what you are selling and what it will cost, right up front, will save everyone hassles.

    That, and the fact that minuscule "thumbnail" sized pictures are useless. Make the pictures of goods clear, informative, and large enough to see, or better yet make the pictures clickable and scalable. My eyes don't deal with tiny print or pictures worth a darn, and I hate not being able to scale a picture up to a size I can comfortably view it. By that same token, while my browser will enlarge the pages nicely, I positively hate having to scroll side to side to read text when it runs off the borders of the display.

    I know zilch about web design, and have no clue as to the difficulty of implementation, but to my mind when you are selling entire bikes/trikes/complex assemblies, being able to rotate/zoom your POV around the object is VASTLY better than 2 or 3 static shots from a fixed POV.
  4. augidog

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    too many bells & whistles, and i am going somewhere else...sure your front page might be glittery and all that, but

    when i'm actually looking at your inventory, i want clear category navigation, a clear item listing with a clear description, a clear picture, and a clear price...not just C & P as anyone can do that without knowing anything about the product...and no special web features to slow the process down or make my browser do funny stuff, just page after page of whatever category...and i want an FAQ that covers shipping, payment, RMA, & etc so i know everything beforehand.

    and if i need to speak with a human, it would be nice if they knew a bit more than just how to take an "item number" and put it in a box...if you can't support the product in real life, then you best have a system in place that gives me everything i need without having to make a phone call.

    when i find something i want, i sometimes have to research the item elsewhere to confirm tech details & price...usually i look for a couple/few other listings before i'm's the deal about that tho: sometimes i find a better site/seller when i do that research, and then the original site has just lost my business.

    as an interbent consumer i am sick of hype & hooplah, just tell me what ya got and how i get it, & i'll take it from there.

    one more thing: if i find any info on your site i know is untrue, even if you have a small-print disclaimer somewhere, you'll never make a dime offa me.

    that's about it for me...good topic :)