Motored Biking Racing in Arizona

Discussion in 'Races, Events & Group Rides' started by safe, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. safe

    safe Active Member

    Spooky Tooth Cycles Death Race 2010

    Sunday April 18, 2010 2-5pm

    Spooky Tooth Cycles brings us another exciting Death Race. Come on out bring the friends and family and enjoy the day of Motorized Bicycle Racing. Free to Watch!

    Whether you plan on racing, watching, checking out all the cool and unique Motorized Bicycles it will be a fun day by all.

    The Death Race 2010 will be held at Mussleman Honda Racing Circuit. It is a replica of the famous Suzuka Kart Circuit in Suzuka, Japan. Known by professional kart drivers as one of the best circuit's in the world at 10m X 1264m.

    Mussleman Honda Racing Circuit
    11800 S. Harrison Road Tucson,Arizona 85747
    (520) 245- 5278

    DIRECTIONS: From I-10 take exit 273 (Rita) or 275 (Houghton) south to the Pima Fairgrounds. Musselman Honda Circuit is 11800 S. Harrison Road on the west side across from the Fairgrounds. Right across from Tucson Raceway Park.

    Fee $15 to Race
    Eye Protection
    Knee & Elbow pads
    Long sleeve shirt
    Long Pants
    Toe covering shoes





  2. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    azvinnie and I will be there again (4th year) :)
    as usual, I will only be going to meet people and cruise a little ;)
  3. safe

    safe Active Member

    The idea of using go-kart tracks to race on is great. It's something that I thought would work well, but I had no idea people had already gotten started in doing it.

    Any idea what the top speeds are on the straights?

    Are the turns tight enough to make getting through them challenging?

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  4. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    Just make sure the track has never been used as a slick track, and have the course at least sprayed down to break down or remove any accumulated oil/exhaust oil that could cause a driver to fall.

    If you use a go-cart course, it needs to be the kind with smooth edges (the red/white things or smooth 2" curbs) and sand pits. The kind with metal plates and tires or plastic walls (even hay bales!) could be deadly.
  5. safe

    safe Active Member

    The main thing is to get off the streets... (illegal racing)

    Riders can adjust to slick parts of any surface if they have a chance to do some practice laps. Walking the course before racing is good too because you can look more closely at the surface. No track has a perfect surface and it shouldn't because adapting to conditions is part of what separates the better riders from the weaker ones.

    More than anything we need to make all forms of motorized bike racing something that appears legitimate and professional. (at least to some degree)

    One of these days I'm hoping there are ebike races on go-kart tracks too...
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  6. safe

    safe Active Member

    If you are going to just hang out there you ought to take a digital camera and take a bunch of pictures. Be sure to post them here afterwards. :)
  7. augidog

    augidog New Member

    GOOD on SPOOKY for finally getting his much-renowned event onto a closed course...this can only lead to bigger & better things for everyone.

    any info on classes? or is this still just a single-heat run what ya brung? no matter right now, i'm very happy to see such forward progress, but i sure hope it gets big enuff someday to be an all-weekend affair.

    right on for this news :helmet:

    (dang these oversize images was absolutely ridiculous trying to make this reply)
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  8. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    Boy i wish someone would have a race on the east cost.

    Arizona is a long way for me.
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  9. safe

    safe Active Member

    Everything takes ten times longer than you expect.

    It's getting there... but it's like a birth... it takes a long time and there is a lot of pain along the way.

    Go-Kart tracks are a winner in my opinion. They are just the right size and shape for the kind of racing that ebikes (and motorized bikes) are designed for and they eliminate the legal problems. We are not motorcycles, so we can't run on tracks that are designed for 100+ mph speeds.

    Makes me want to move to Arizona just to be a part of it... :)
  10. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    last years deathrace was the first to held on the closed track...
    2 short 'heat races' and the top guys did the final race

    it looks like they will be longer races this year !!!

    copied/pasted from an e-mail from Spooky

    "Hello Race Fans:

    The 6th annual Death Race is quickly approaching.
    This is an annual outlaw desert event where riders will see their bikes disintegrate beneath them as they approach speeds of 50 mph.

    To avoid the heat from coming down us, we have rented a race track for the day. Anyone and everyone is invited to participate.

    Death Race is open to all gas and electric motorized bicycles. Pedals and a motor, you're in.

    Safety equipment, i.e. helmets, boots, knee and elbow pads, are highly recommended as well as mandatory.

    A helpful tip to racer's looking for first place on the podium, races are won by those who fall least.

    Death Race 2010 will be held at P1 Circuit Race Track at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, AZ on Sunday April 18th, 2010.

    The entry fee, which covers insurance and track rental, is $15. Riders can begin to register at 12 pm and spend the afternoon running the course at their leisure.

    Death Race begins promptly at 3pm with 2 30 minute qualifying heats and then the final Race to the Death.

    This is a premiere event and the largest of its kind held anywhere in the nation.
    The winner of Death Race not only wins prizes, but gets full bragging rights for the year and a prominent spot on the Spooky Tooth website.

    This is an excellent opportunity for manufacturers and vendors to promote their products by placing first in Death Race 2010.

    Bring the grill! Last year we hosted 100 people from as far away as Salt Lake, Austin, and SoCal. The most unique form of racing in the country and the funnest spectator sport to smear the pavement, Death Race!
    See you there... "

    always a good day meeting other 'like-minded crazies' !!! :):):)
  11. augidog

    augidog New Member

    thanks bill, seems i was a bit behind the times...but since it's news to me, it's GOOD news :cool:

    has there been any talk of breaking down into classes eventually?
  12. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    last years race was 2 stroke in-frame only (Roland was only selling 2smokes)
    this year, from what I understand, in-frame is the criteria (spooky sells grubee 4g kits now)
  13. safe

    safe Active Member


    Endless Sphere is Making a Challenge

    "Hiya Safe... jealous much someone has organised racing you can't compete at ?!?! " (thanks for thinking of me AussieJester)

    The folks at Endless Sphere are looking to make a SERIOUS attempt to make the ICE racers look bad by showing up with some fast electric bikes.

    This is shaping up to be "the event" for motorized bike racing this year.

    Unfortunately my old bike is sort of "defanged" these days with a really toned down motor (I got tired of rewinding motors every 500 miles only to have them meltdown on me!) so it's not in full race mode anymore. My new bike is still a work in progress with an incomplete Halbach Disc Motor. Add the fact that it's about a 1000+ mile drive each way and it's a bit impractical right now. Maybe there will be a race in Denver some day... I can make Denver in 8 hours. (about 500 miles)

    Actually I was somewhat shocked at how quickly racing on go-kart tracks is getting started. It's a great idea and if this gets the attention it deserves the word will spread.

    So be on notice all ICE racers... Endless Sphere electric racers are hoping to defeat you!!!
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  14. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    That'll make it interesting. I think that my money is on the electrics. I reckon a 1000W electric could beat one of these engines, especially if it was running into a shift kit.
  15. KiM

    KiM New Member

    If they are able to get there with the planned equipment there wont be any 'hoping' Safe... ~8hp of lipo powered ~20kilo bike with a two speed dog box transmission with an insane LiveForPhysics (Luke) riding it haha he wont just win he will lap the entire field several times :grin5: Add in a handful of 'blockers' and the stink bikes will have a ***** of a time :jester:

    G'day AussieSteve hows tricks mate the lecky of yours still going ?

    Hiya Augi..if your still here? you maybe off on your road trip now?

  16. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    Howdy Kim. Yep, still purring like a kitten. About 600km on the clock now and it's never missed a beat. The other day, though, I pedalled backwards at the wrong moment (after changing gears) and the chain came off. Didn't want to get my hands dirty, so I finished my shopping, rode home and then put the chain back on.
    Can't do that on my HT bike.
    The 2-stroke is quicker to get around on, though.
    Fitted a shift kit a while ago and clocked 83kph on a long slight downgrade a few weeks ago.
    If this race was in Oz and not Arizona, I'd whack an expansion chamber and carb on and participate.

    Been keeping an eye on things at Endless Sphere, but haven't had anything to add. Saw the vids. Looking great.
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  17. KiM

    KiM New Member

    HAHA if it was setup correctly in the first place it won't come off ...:p

    Chains suck anywayz belts is wherez its at :jester:

    Glad its still up and running, i was hoping you might have ditched the 200watt frock motor and got a something with more poke, your already running in excess of 200watt anywayz, pop in a 500watt frock motor and you will never ride the stink bike again LoL

    Yeah i have a few vids up on YouTube of the cruiser 3 i think IIRC? Goes like a shower of **** but destroyed the Sturmey Archer 3 speed pretty much on the first outing In process of beautifying the bike atm, frames been powedercoated and chromed looks schmick...hope to be running this wek anywayz.../off topic rant

    This Death Race will be AWESOME to promote the electric bike, some of the stink bike owners will now see electrics ain't 'toys' even if some of them use 'toy' motors hehehe...I would be surprised if Luke doesn't get up over 100km/hr (~63mph) on the straights and he will get the **** quick with the Thud dog box transmission they are planning to run, i wont me one for my next bike ;-)

  18. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    Can't argue. I bent the derailleur the other week, straightened it but didn't set the 'L' limit right.

    You read my mind - I was sitting here last night debating whether to go 400W or 1000W. With 400W, I don't need to upgrade the battery immediately. I usually do <20km per ride, but I'd love 1000W.

    I've gotta check it out with the chroming and powdercoat.

    Yep, electrics are definitely the future. At the Isle of Mann last year, they hit 106mph and I've read of much quicker since.
    And the torque of an electric, right through the rev range.....
  19. KiM

    KiM New Member

    I see your in NSW You should get in touch with Endless Sphere member and my sparring partner Hyena, top fella he's in NSW and could set you straight and help you with a good frock motor upgrade, he's getting some pretty serious speed out of the smaller 1000watt motors (pump near 5000watt through them) 400watt non geared frock motor will definitely be an improvement no doubt, as you know limiting factor as always with leckys will be how much the batteries can put out ;-) Another option would be something like the MAC or BMC geared frock motors, lil noisier but again a few Aussie fellas on ES are getting some decent performance from these also, the geared frocks have improved hill climbing abilities...On the other hand you could man up and go with a non frock motor setup hehee :p

    Shift kit or not the stink bikes wont stand a chance with any electric over 1000watt
    on the track. My heavy SLA powered trike cained my brothers 49cc Happy Stink Time POS that was ported polished tuned pipe running a shift kit, my trike was an old brushed 1000watt unit motor, acceleration it just left it for dead, top speeds were ~the same.

    Best of luck anywayz bud...

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  20. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    I'd like to build something decent, about 1000W with gears, but for now I'll just upgrade what I have so it has a little more guts.
    When I get sick of the HT I might build a decent electric. For now, it's keeping me amused.
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