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  1. BAZZA614

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    Just wondering if there are any motorised bike clubs in campbelltown/ macathur area. Or any where else in nsw australia:helmet:

  2. rawly old

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    Only if you start one. Good luck with that.
    In my experience, getting MBers organized is
    less productive than trying to balance an egg
    on end in a moving train.
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  3. BAZZA614

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    well in that case does anyone want to be in a small club (or at least a spec of a club) in macarthur\campbelltown area?
  4. HeadSmess

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    well, theres not many aussies on here...

    im upper north shore/ lower central coast. youre down south westish (i think? my geography sux) and fabian, the only other really regular aussie on here is down in victoria... that could make for rather long rides to get to a meet.

    (i quit mini motard racing simply because travelling more than an hour to get to a track is ludicrous. amaroo park used to be about ten minutes away....shut down. only other really close track was its someones front lawn. etc etc. we are too spread out in australia!)

    on your often do you meet another MB rider?

    cause i can honestly say, i only see another one about every 6 months, if that... usually going the other way or while im travelling from one job site to another in the work ute...

    the only one ive actually had a chance to TALK to... one of these typical "throw every mod at a 66 as possible" that couldnt keep up with my stock but piped lil 48er... i am not about to modify my cruising speed to suit someone elses lack of power. i have a reputation to hold up!

    sure, start a club, but advertise on telegraph poles instead of online :) you might actually get something started!

    clubs are only fun when theres girls there too ;)
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  5. HeadSmess

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    and considering how we go off at normal cyclists when they ride two or three abreast in a group of thirty... can you imagine the reaction if they were all roaring past with engines as well?

    well, at least theyd be doing closer to the speed limit up the hills, that is a plus...