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    I'm new here so hope i'm doing this right..

    I put the Cruzbike kit on a Mongoose m/t bike. So now the pedals arn't where they were.. So what better place to mount a motor I told my self.. The engine is a Robin EC04 40cc 2 stroke. The friction drive works with an over center lever that locks it on the tire. I realy haven't got a lot of cockpit time on it yet, Wisconsin winters don't ya know:rolleyes7: I'm going to see if I can add some pix now.. Well it say's IMG is off Bill

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    Hi Bill,

    I'm afraid I can't offer any advice since I don't know a thing about recumbents. but someone will come along who has ideas.

    good luck with it.

    Avatars are small and I can't see yours too clearly. But it looks like a comfortable ride.
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    To Bluegoatwoods

    Thanks for the reply. I wanted to post some pix of the bike to show more detail,but it seems there are more rules to contend with.. Bill
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    To Dave

    Thanks ! How do I post pix in the recumbent thread along with the text.. Thanks again..
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    Bill's Motoerdgoose

    I think I can post pix now.

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    rear engine,

    Congradulations,thats a cool bike you have their buddy,springs just around the corner, you just give me an idea for my next build, although since i have a gebe setup and two friction kits already its going to take some time to presuade the wife......
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    THank you very much .. I have a friend that out runs me on his Gebe.. Take care Bill
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    well you know what too do, get a bigger roller........

    by the way i hope you dont mind but i started a thread over in rackmounts about the cruzbike (giving you full credit of course) build because i think it might work for that type of mount.

    It would be great if you could tell us how the bike rides with and without engine power, and if the rackmount would be doable or would it blow the center of balance weight issue!!!

    However like your own build, any kit could be modified to fit around the vacant BB. The more i surf the web and research the more i want to get one, i just love these recumbents, my wife has had an EZ3 trike for about a year now, and i picked up a EZ1 for $80 from craigs list last month, older model but in tip top shape hardly ridden, its great to exercise strength ed out lounging on your A@#$
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    Its going to be a tough call trying to keep batteries low on this bill maybe litium ion would work but big bucks, lead acid or lipo 4 would be hard to fit on such a small frame....
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