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    I was wondering...anyone messed with GEBE on folder?

    I know I have not been hanging around of late and those who have been here for a few years know my bikes all run GEBE power to get up the street grade to my home.

    Besides, there is just nothing simpler than the GEBE arrangement for strategic (long term) use, with simplicity and efficiency, and nothing with torque like the wee Tanaka.

    I still think going 25 mph on a bicycle under motored power is looking for trouble.

    As some here know, I did the cnc rail bike with the Honda 25, which was fantastic but not enough torque or gearing to climb the distance; then the Tanaka on the Burley which was a pia to get going on a rise; and moved to a Tanaka on the CF Gruv Raleigh, which is near perfect and now looking to move the still unbroken-in Tanaka to a 36 spoke, 20" folder, just to do it.

    As noted, speed is not my thing. And using a small folder is tempting!

    Giving up the CF (crankforward) and shock fork will make the ride harder, but...maybe a 20" mtn rig...folder.

    Then too, maybe leaving "well-enough" alone is best, but I do love to tinker.

    Anyone tried it and would like to comment?
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