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  1. anthem2112

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    hello all, Just had a question for those who ride in extreme heat/and or cold weather. just wanted to know if anyone had any knowledge/experience if the 2 stroke or the 4 stroke motors work better in extreme temps. also if anyone has any positive/negative info on the belt drives vs the chain drives. THX aaron

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Hello, Aaron. Welcome aboard.

    I can't actually answer your questions, but the answers will surely follow.

    See you around.
  3. Alaskavan

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    Welcome to MBc. When the weather getsextremely cold, I won't ride (much). It never gets extremely hot here. As for chain v.s. belt, they both work well. Belt may be smoother and cleaner. Chain can be reliable and readily available.
  4. seanhan

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    Well I know the 2 strokes tend to start easier in the cold than 4 strokes.
    But I guess you are more concerned about the Heat being from Nevada.
    I dont see what a well maintained 2 or 4 stroke would be a problem in the heat.
    My 2 and 4 strokes run good in the heat ( Texas ) it gets around 100-108 here all summer long !!! Just make sure you are running proper oil ratios on a 2 stroke, and keep you oil changes on schedule for a 4 stroke.
    As for the drive systems chain and belt are both good.
    I use the belt drive. no problems yet!!! But I only have 150 miles on it.
    I don't know much about the chain drive I know Staton has a nice one.
    Look in the rack mount area and read the post about the Gebe and Staton.
    There are also some Cool Videos on youtube of the different systems to give you a idea on which way to go.I changed my mind everyday for a month trying to decide whitch kit to buy ... "" just do it "" it's not rocket science""
    BTW :R U A rush fan anthem2112 ??????????????
    Cool !!!!!
    saw them this summer in Dallas great show...
  5. anthem2112

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    Yes i am a huge RUSH fan. their shows are great as allways. can't wait until the next tour !!
  6. Mountainman

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    yes -- Las Vegas get's mighty hot

    heat of course -- is something to be taken into accout with any engine

    a thing that you have going for you on the other side --

    Vegas is mostly level -- not many hills -- which mix hard with heat !!

    I guess what ever you ride there stays there -- is that right ???

    ride that thing Mountainman

    HERPER Member

    i have no idea how these things act in extreme heat.. im from new england so the weather here changes daily.

    mine is a 2 stroke chain driven and it starts up religously everytime.. everyday.
    ive heard the belt driven ones squeal when the belts are slightly worn or wet. the chain doesnt. as for cold it handles well up here great and the summers get hot.. but not nevada hot.
  8. augidog

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    the gebe belt is cogged and never slips or squeals. just fyi for the unknowing.

    2-stroke or 4-stroke in the heat? dunno what to tell ya, both would have strengths and weaknesses, and both would require different maintenance and operation methods...a matter of choice, but i definitely suggest you go with an engine that uses a shroud for forced-air cooling.

    welcome :cool: