Motored Mountain Bike Build - with some questions

Thanks to everyone here at MBc, I was able to purchase my engine and install it with little to no problems. This was definatly a great investment, nothing compares to riding it around at night just cruising. I might have some troubles in the future riding to work and back because I will be taking the canal path route which has a rule against motorized vehicles. We will see. Instead of a twist throttle I used an old brake lever off another bike, seems to work great so far.

Anyways, some of the parts mounted on the bike are a bit half-assed because I was in a hurry to run it and see if I actually wanted to keep it on the bike or not. My question is: when mounting the gas tank, if you have cables above the bar that would get squished when the tank gets tightened, how would you mount it? I just propped it up on the cable mounts and used bungee cords for now.
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I just run the cables under the tank and to the side. If you look under the tank where your mounting bolts are at you will find some room for cables to thread right thru. And it shouldn't get squished when tightened down.
You can also mount your tank first then thread the cables under one at a time.
I pried open a few electrical butt connectors (crimp splice) pushed the cables through, positioned and installed tank. Gave me just the smallest amount of room to keep the wires from getting squished. I've seen more elaborate designs where people used putty and such to mold a channel for the cables onto the frame.
That bike was made for a happy time. You did a great job! You do NEED to get a fuel filter, these tanks are full of crud.
I just ran my cables on the outside of the mounting brackets and zip tied them before and after the tank.
Thanks for all the tips everyone. I'll be heading to the store soon to pick up some supplies - (fuel filter, loctite, some pvc)