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Motored Stingray - NH



Hey everyone,
I introduced myself a couple months ago with the intention of putting an engine on a foldable bike.
Well now I have plans to build a motored Schwinn stingray... plans I will actually follow through with because I've already purchased all the parts I need.
I bought an 80cc frame mount engine kit off eBay, Barry's motor mount, and livefastmotor's hub adapter.
the hub adapter came in the mail today and I just finished installing it. A very worth while investment.
I want to get some bigger handle bars for the bike, I will need a longer brake line to do that.
I also want to make my own lighting set up. I'm in a digital electronics class in school, so I could build my own circuitry.



Active Member
Feb 14, 2008
Welcome, we are home of many answers, and awaiting your ideas. Keep us posted on the lighting set up.


I got my engine mount in the mail yesterday and installed that. Today I got the handlebars, mirrors and brake line I ordered a few days ago. I attached a pic. not the greatest pic, but gives you an Idea of what my bike looks like now (it was just bone stock before)
I'm expecting my motor to arrive on Tuesday... too long of a wait :(. I was hoping to get it so I could put it together this weekend.... but I've got next weekend off from work, so that's cool.

I just had that headlight laying around, so I threw it on. I hope to get a nice chrome one to replace it.