Motored Walmart Bike!

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    Yes, this is about my on going build with installing a 66cc engine on a Roadmaster Granite 26" Mens Bike.

    So I will start by saying I was weary at first and I'm sure I'll have my hurdles with this bike, I have heard good things from other MB enthusiast that this is one brand of Walmart bike that seems better than the rest. Either way I have a whole list of simple upgrades and To-Do's that should make this an ideal bike for what I'm building.

    Now this bike is no longer being manufactured, they have come out with basically the same thing in blue and silver I believe.

    To start with this or any Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc bike fully inspect everything. You never know what the genius getting paid minimum wage forgot to tighten/install when he was assembling it. Make sure to adjust the brakes so they have a good solid engage, familiarize yourself with the components of the bike, etc. It is also a good idea to put extra grease on the bearings as they will undergo more stresses than a typical mountain bike would.

    I did a few upgrades before installing the engine and have a few more planned, this is the guide I followed. CLICK HERE

    Engine is the Flying Horse Angle Fire 66cc Engine from Bike Berry

    List of What I've done so far:
    - New Head bolts M8-1.25 x 110mm (x4)
    - Carburator Shift (See Below)
    - Inspected Piston and Cylinder
    - Upgraded spark plug (NGK 7331) Sep 18, 11 44 48 AM_zps0aef2bb2.jpg

    Taking it apart to inspect the piston and change out the head bolts Sep 18, 6 06 50 PM_zpsed73e3b5.jpg

    After a good deal of running around and gathering all the little things my build started, I'm about 3 hours in at 12:00am so I have to hold off till tomorrow when I can get a chain breaker and a 1/8 Drill bit. Sep 18, 11 28 08 PM_zps06e70797.jpg

    Now there was one issue that i ran into that I was worried about from when I bought the bike. The area available for where to mount the engine is very much on the small side. I found the carb wouldn't naturally work mounted directly to the stock location. So with a little engineering and a trip to Lowe's the problem is solved. Sep 18, 11 48 42 PM_zps5012afef.jpg Sep 18, 11 49 03 PM_zps9d70ef83.jpg Sep 18, 11 49 20 PM_zps780be1f8.jpg

    To do this shift you will need:
    - 3/4" I.D. 1.0" O.D. Heater Hose
    - 2 Hose Clamps
    - 1/2" Dia. copper bend (90* or 45*, pictured is 45*)

    This allowed me to move the entire assembly off to the side and as an added bonus allows it some flex to keep it operating without engine vibration. Shall see how it does tomorrow once she is ready to start up.

    (Sorry for using links, for some reason my Photobucket isn't properly linking the photo's) Bike/
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    Good for you!

    It's a fine looking machine.

    Though these happy time engines usually annoy, they're still a blast.

    Have fun.
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    Little update. Bike has been running great, did have some gas/oil get into my magneto and fry it so the new one should be here this week.

    I will say the Walmart parts are holding up as I would have expected... lol Bike/PhotoOct03100400PM.jpg

    This is only from 2 weeks of use on pavement, sidewalks, some dirt, and normal riding.

    HID projector is mounted, seems to fit almost perfect to the bike! Bike/PhotoOct03100746PM.jpg Bike/PhotoOct03100752PM.jpg

    And the battery to run it all, its the Autocraft 4L-BS, weighs in at 3 lbs, holds 10 Ah of power, and is small enough to fit about anywhere on the bike. Bike/PhotoOct03100809PM.jpg

    More updates to come as I go along!
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    Your bike looks great. You seem to be enjoying the project!

    Can you give me the details on that headlight, please? (Brand, how you power it, etc.)

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    Hi scubaru89, your bike it's very pretty.

    Nice pics dude!
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    Very nice bike! More on that projector model please! Looks like a HID foglamp from a car