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    Hi my last name is Lean, the mean is a **** take. Ived raced road and xc mountain bikes, bout 8 yrs total. Work in a bicycle shop, mechanic and sales. worked bout 3 years as bike courier. Live in Adelaide, South Australia. We've got great hills to cycle through. I own 2 mountain bikes kited with 48cc, I think?, engines. I could never hope to get my girlfriend fit enough to come up in the hills for a cycle, camping expedition. But these things could be the answer!
    having a great time,
    mean lean.

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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    Yipes !,
    Another one from Adelaide, we got the best hills east of the city BTW.
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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
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    welcome to MBc. Wow another Adelaide rider. Hope you guys get a rally or good ride put together.
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    Welcome aboard
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    cheers for the quick replys. I got turned on to these mutant bicycle things through an old school buddy, and ive infected 2 of my cycling buddys already, few others real keen. my first motored went together so well!, the second has had some carby problems, only runs on half choke? also leaked a lot, petrol tank tap doesnt switch off properly. I have limited understanding of motors, but keen as to know more. I took carby apart, as far as i can work out, the more the choke is on the more air is being brought in? I adjusted the setting of the jet, to the top notch, less fuel? hasnt changed anything, figured id approach the wize before I do anything else.
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    If you're having to choke the engine to get it to run, you might have an air leak forward of the carb. More choke means less air and a richer mix. Use the search function to find out about ways to fix that. Carb + o-ring. If full chock won't shut the motor down, you definitely have a leak and are risking you're motor by running too lean, mean.

    Edit: True story. My son called me after he started riding my bike at college and complained that he was having to ride with the choke partially on as the motor just wouldn't run with the choke all the way off. Hmm, says I, so when you push the lever all the way down, the engine quits? Down?!?, says he, er, I thought that up took the choke off. Har, har, says I, no my son, it pivots and the intake is at the bottom of the carb. So, without meaning to insult your carb mojo, you are sure that you are taking the choke off when you mean to?
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    cheers mickey, full choke, lever all the way up shuts her down. does that rule out air leak?
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    no, but it rules out a large air leak.
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    Helps. Is the problem at idle or do you need choke even at wide open throttle when the motor is warm? Choke full on kills it even if you are giving it gas? or kills it at idle? Does it stumble and then catch up after a second or just die off? Has it always been this way? Run the same mix as your other bike? If you still have your first bike, and you switch carbs, does the problem follow the carb?

    Edit: Have you looked at you sparkplug? Is it black and wet/oily? Gapped correctly?

    You could try riching up the mixture by moving the c-clip further down on the needle. Most of them seem to come from the factory on the 2nd slot, some people run better on the 3rd slot. I don't know anyone who runs better on the bottom slot but you could try it.

    I think that there have been a couple of threads with similar problems. I'll try a search.
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    A question for the real carb gurus: If lean's float level were too low, would having the choke on improve the flow through the jet, vacuum it up, so to speak, or is fuel flow through the jet a function of the velocity/volume of the airflow? (the venturi effect?)
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    these bikes are super fun and this forum super helpful!
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    Any progress?
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    Cheers mickey, Problem solved, plummers tape at intake pipe near carby also on thread where throttle attatches to carby. few dodgy finishes on these chinese motors, pay for what you get! problem solving part of the fun, thanks again.
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    Excellent. Rock On!