-- the gateway drug

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    So, i found this site when i got my stingray about 6 months ago...
    and a few people i work with ( at a bicycle shop ) warned me it was going to a gateway to getting a motorcycle.

    and it is...
    I picked up a 1982 Yamaha Vision on Craigslist, and am putting it together.

    I blame/praise you all !

    If you happen to have one of these motorcycles , check out

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    Gotta love craig's list! I love the classic bikes too. Had a 1983 Honda Nighthawk 650 for a long time. I just had a friend offer me a 1978 Kawasaki KZ-1000 that only has 12,000 miles on it. He took it apart in 1987 to do cams, and it has sat in the garage ever since. I will probably bring it home and tinker with it :)