MotoredBikes in Beijing, China

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    Hi Everybody,

    I've been overe here in Beijing for the past 20 days working at the Olympics, and there are thousands and thousands of motored bikes on the roads here, but...

    I haven't seen a single bike with a HT or similar 2-stroke engine on it... I would say 90% of them are electric, with heavy SLA or car-style batteries, 48V. Very few with new generation Li-ion packs.

    The rest are a combination of 4-stroke engines and 3-wheeled trycicles which seem to be either petrol or battery operated.

    Maybe there was a mandate by the government here regarding reduciton of pollution during the games, I don't know, but it seems interesting that the country that manufactures these engines, no-one seems to use them here.

    It is great to see lots of people using them as their main form of transport for commuting, and with the special lanes exclusively for bicycles to travel on, motoredbikes are the most quick and efficient way of getting around a city with +13 million people....


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    Hey Brad - thank you for this interesting information. Not many if any 2-strokes seen - that does cause one to think - maybe China has passed a law there in Beijing so as to keep the pollution down - known to be one of the worst cities in the world for breathing - how's your breathing doing over there ? Is that pollution looking pretty bad ? Here on this site we would enjoy some pictures of MBs that we have never seen before - must be plenty. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    I don't believe happytimes engines have been available for sale inside China, for some time.

    they are manufactured for export only.

    Brad, Would you start a thread in "The White Zone" about your first hand experiences in China & the Olympics?

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    I really, really never thought that I'd ever, EVER say this, but Beijing sounds like a kinda cool place to be.
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    With the number of motorized bikes there, the relatively dirty 2 strokes combined with the industrial output and geographical issues to make a real soup in the air.

    Ask anyone about the air in eastern European cities when Trabants ruled the road (pre '91).
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    respectfully requesting pictures

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    Me too, some digital delights ( pix ) from BayJing please ..... :grin:

    I was surprised too that there are no HT motors cruising around. I wonder if the electrics are cheaper to run ?
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    What if those " thousands & thousands " of motorbikes that you have seen, were ALL 2 stroke ????
  10. HoughMade

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    Over there- if the government tells you not to ride your 2 stroke around. You don't ride your 2 stroke around. Simple as that.
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    Yes I think it must be some sort of government thing. Having spoken to some locals, they say the electric ones are cheaper to buy and run, even tho petrol is subsidised heavily here by the government.

    The past week the Olympics have been running the air quality has definitely improved, with little to no smog and clear blue skies the past two days!

    The two weeks leading up to the opening ceremony were the complete opposite however.

    I have attached some pics of various motored bikes I have spotted on the streets. Unfortunately I spend most hours of the day working at the Beach Volleyball venue, so next week I will have more of a chance to get pics up close of the various bikes getting around.


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  12. That last picture.
    I WANT it.
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    Forget the bikes, let's see some of those beach volleyball cheerleaders!
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    That last picture looks like its powered by one of the lifan pit bike engines. If so it would go pretty well.
  15. Pablo

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    Wow - thanks for posting.

    Reminds me of my 5 years of travel in China. Looks like traffic is WAY down.

    Yeah, no girlie pictures?
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    Thanks, Brad for taking time out of your busy schedule to inform and delight.

    LF say it aint so! Thats a motorcycle! :rolleyes:
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    Whoo Hoo !!!! Im with you !!!! VOLLEYBALL !!!!!!

    I did enjoy watching the gals play !!!
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    More Pics

    Ok, I know it's a little bit off-topic, but I have posted some pics here of the Aus V Netherlands game, including a couple of pics of the cheerleaders.
    At least the Aussie girls are thru to the next round.

    I promise I will post some more MotoredBikes pics later in the week. There is a shop nearby and I will try to find out the prices here too.


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    Brad, I feel so sorry for you ...... all those girls in bikinis ...... must be tough ...... LOL.. sounds like you are having an interesting trip. Thanks for the pix !!!!