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  1. Tom

    Tom Active Member - Talk about a ripoff...

  2. gone_fishin

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    that's indyjones!! the guy who posted a sneaky link (to richardsbikes.whatever)
    in the pic gallery. the guy who wondered why he was banned.

  3. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    lol. his forum sure looks promising.......
  4. Bizarre developments afoot!

    Hi guys.
    This is certainly a travesty!

    Apparently the label "MotoredBikes" was invented here, either by Tom, Augi, ar some small group collaborating on it, as I have never heard this label till I got here, and I've been a lot of places including climbing in and out of as many history pages as I've been able to find.

    I for one, have no intention of joining that obvious attempt at leeching.

    Augi knows already that I don't promote things I don't believe in.

    Believe in? I can't believe they have named themselves so!

    Making an attempt to do something on your own initiave is one thing, but stealing a "constructed" label is obviously plagerism, and additionally reeks of a lack of knowledge, as they have chosen an indefenseable position, at thier very core, meaning the name of their rip-off site.

    Am I missing something, or is starting a forum more fun than sex? I have a lil Yahoo group, and it can be a bit of work at times, and it is certainly a lot smaller than this effort.

    Ohh well, a famous person once said "This too shall pass"

  5. gone_fishin

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    i happened to wander in and have a look...good timing...

    the ahole was plastering links everywhere, he was up to 4 when i banned him.
  6. Tom

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    Lol, this idiot wasted a good 10 bucks on the domain.... It will expire soon enough...