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    Hello motor bike enthusiasts,

    Just ran across your site and had to join as it parallells a project I've wanted to do for years. I want to build a replica of a turn of the century motor bike/motorcycle.

    Now for the kicker, I know nothing about these bikes at all. I'm just an old school hot rodder that's had this idea for some time. Goes with the hot rod hobby i guess.

    I hope with this BB's help I can get this thing rolling.

    First thing is to know what to use for a frame. I've built many hot rod chassis and have the fabrication tooling for that. (Is there anything that I'd need otehrwise?

    Am I correct in thinking That the frames are hand made or are they bicycles modified ?

    What wheels are used ?

    What engines are used and where do you get them ? Can any one lunger work or are these a specialty item ?

    Is there a transmission ?

    Pretty green huh ?

    Besides being involved in crazy creative hobbies I also spend time with my wife and soul mate Barbara. The kids are all grown. I like back packing and canoeing and race slot cars in the winter to burn up those cold Ohio days.

    I live in Wellsville, Ohio and am a carpenter by trade.

    I look forward to building my bike.

    Oh , yeah , I [ush 300 pounds, am I out of the game or is there engines that will pull me ?