Motoring across Canada to raise money for poverty !!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by robin bird, Apr 24, 2009.

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    The other day i motored 90 miles return to Osoyoos B.C.-- i hant intended to go there and asked my friend if her husband had some chainsaw mix so i could get there and back . he filled my tank and a fuel bottle -- the fuel was free--which led me to this idea--i could go across the country and back only on donated fuel-- if i ran out i would peddle--i would summon people at towns thru their chamber of commerce to expect me using my solar powered laptop--all money would go into a bank account --on return after 6000 plus miles--i would announce i was keeping all funds to keep me from poverty !:cool:!!!

    ( dont send nasty replies this is a joke !! )

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    it takes a canadian to get canadian humour
    (born in Hamilton, when the flag still had a beaver on it :))
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    Write for free help.

    Actual sign in a local library.
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    to bad this is a joke robin b
    because some type of a charity ride along this line -- would be a good THING

    that would be a lot of gas donated I would think
    I alone would give at least 25 gallons ---- that would take someone a long ways !!