Motoring in a huffy cranbrook

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  1. Greggl4321

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    So I think I'm going to try to get a bike built I want to go for the nice pk motor, if I can find it cheaply on ebay.
    My question is

    Sill it mount up to my bike? Or will I need a specialized mount?

    Will the chain tensioner hold up?

    Any additional advice would be appreciated

  2. Greggl4321

    Greggl4321 Member

    Can I find a pk80 motor for cheaply also?
  3. Greggl4321

    Greggl4321 Member

    Pk80 worth extra cost
  4. butre

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  5. Greggl4321

    Greggl4321 Member

    Will the sprocket in the kit be geared right for me to go up some hills?

    When I had a stand up motor scooter I could go up hills, it just got bogged down. That was when I weighed considerable less, but I'm guessing it'd still get me up some hills.

    Will it bolt up to my cranbrook good or will I need to do welding an have access to metal pieces?

    I'm really worried about the installation and stuff. Any additional advice would be appreciated
  6. Fast Shag

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    Go through Cheez. His kits are the best. I have 2 of them. As for the Cranbrook, DON'T DO IT!!! They snap, bend, and fall apart. My first bike was a Cranbrook....The headset bent, the cranks bent, (Yes! They bent!) the pedals have no bearings, and the chinese steel is crap! Mine snapped right at the seat post @ 500 miles. You can find really nice, non department store, US made bikes for the same amount of money on Craigslist. With the chain tensioner, try and do away with it on drive side. put it on crank side. I engraved cross hatching pattern on inside of mounts and frame so it wouldn't slip. Worked well. Try and sand paint off where it goes on bike. P1270163.JPG P4190180.JPG
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  7. Greggl4321

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    This is the first time I've heard something bad about the huffy cranbrook

    Which bikes come with chain tensioners?

    What is cross hatching?

    Do you have a bike that you recommend that the motor kit can easily mount too? I heard the huffy cranbrook was strong, or at least in the spokes. Is what you're recommending good?

    Help, this changes a lot.

    What do you mean on crank side

    What crank broke?

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  8. Nanonevol

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    My suggestion: Dive in and start building on the Cranbrook and form your own opinions.
  9. Fast Shag

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    Bikes that come with chain tensioners are ones with rear derailleurs for gears. But if you get a single speed bike, use the motor kit tensioner on the bike chain side, not the motor chain. The huffy spokes are strong, but you will blow out your hub in a week. I've been through all of this. Cross hatching is just roughening the surface so the mounts don't slip. If you already have the bike, use it and it will help you go through everything that fails on a motorized bike. If you are still looking for a bike, get a good one not made in China.
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    i have a huffy cranbook back in the day when when huffy was us madee it used to be a put down to call someones bike a huffy. i raced bmx at southpark rode a gt, then a redline. my gas bike started out a schwinn but endedup a huffy frame after i cracked the schwinn frame oddly enough the huffy has held up to 6 months now of abuse thats three heads two pistons countlesxs rims my mind china girl china frame! go red star! lol

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    id avoid the wally world bikes i suggest going to a bike shop
  12. Nanonevol

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    Department store do seem to have some very cheaply made bikes these days. I have good luck on Craigslist. Found my Cranbrook there for $40 and while it may not be the strongest, I think with a suspension fork and not riding like a maniac it should hold up just fine.