motorised bike black carbonized piston and sudden motor stalling then starting?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by joshua97, May 19, 2013.

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    hi i have a screaming roo 66cc, great kit but i have one issue ( probe my fault) i keep taking the head off it every month to clean the piston as its always black with carbon ( had for 5 months since new) i don't mix the fuel instead i fill the tank and put a quick pour of oil in, iv tried mixing at 32: but still has the problem. any one have any ideas please? btw the exhaust is stock tuned and has baffles in it and the carb is the upgraded deloro flat slide carb. The other issue is if I'm cruising at 40 ish kph (44 tooth sprocket) all of a sudden i loose all throttle response and the motor stops firing. its clear theres no fuel to motor as i pump throttle a few times and re-choke and its fine from there on, is this carb tuning mane? i really don't wanna have to tune tho :( or any other ideas? mane the problems are related? pleaseeee help? thanks guys