Motorised Bike needed once again

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    Hi All
    Im semi new to this I had a motorized bicycle a few years ago when I lost my licence for 2 years and it was great, used a friction drive set up. We were having a drought here in Queensland Australia at the time so it didnt rain for 2 years, perfect as rain is the enemy of the friction drive as we know. Well Im in need of a motorized bike once again, but it rains alot here now and internal combustion engine assisted bicycles are not very legal here anymore due to our stupid backward laws however its not really policed if your not being stupid so still possibly an option but not a frame mount as they look too much like a motorcycle. So its looking like I'll have to go with an electric set up. Im looking at a 500 watt 36v hub drive but the problem with electric is range about 25kms on the flat and charge time quite a few hours. I have a domestic cleaning business so would it be possible to top up the charge at each house and that take me to the next? Any advice would be very very much appreciated :bowdown:

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    Hmmm, don't see why not. Depends on how long you ride vs how long you charge I suppose. There are also more advanced (and epensive) battery technologies available nowadays that extend range. Just bring a long cord. :jester:
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    Well I would suggest A Magic Pie hub motor from Golden Motor. It's not exactly cheap but it meets requirements you mentioned. Range on these things are wonderful compared to most out there. I guess it's nothing to get 30 miles or 48 km out of a single charge with the proper battery. These motors also contain a laundry list of features that i think are worth the money. Such as cruise control, Regen braking, And PC tunable. You can find out more by heading to their website at