motorised bikes illegal in MA

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    It is legal to ride a moped in Massachusetts if you wear helmet, have drivers permit or drivers liscence and you have to be over the age of 15. I have a 43 cc mitsubisi axle mount on my 200 Proflex f.s. mt bike. I am constantly avoiding cops here and when i see them I turn off the engine and start pedaling... I do not posses a valid MA drivers liscence so I am scared of getting arrested it suks that I can`t ride free and without worries!

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    Have you been stopped?
    What happened?
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  3. Yes its not legal for kids to drive cars or motorized bikes,wait til you can get atleast a permit.
    Im 33, live in NY, have a license and still can't ride free.
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    Uhm, it is VERY Legal to ride any motor vehicle in Massachusetts as long as you have a permit or license.You can even ride pocket bikes in the state legally. I have 2 motorized bikes and have them registered. registration costs 40 for 2 years. Go get a learners permit and you will satisfy the law

    I ride in a bunch of other towns (Metro Boston), and i have never been harassed by a cop in MA, most i have talked to dont even care unless you are being an a** while driving. I did rip it up with a couple of motorcycle cops a couple of months ago :) never once did they ask for papers.
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    From the MA RMV:

    Moped Definition and Requirements

    According to Massachusetts law, a moped is a "motorized bicycle." In order to be classified as a moped, the vehicle must:

    * Have a cylinder capacity of no more than 50 cubic centimeters.
    * Have an automatic transmission.
    * Be capable of a maximum speed of no more than 30 miles per hour.
    * Comply with all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards.

    A moped sticker, issued by the RMV, must be affixed to the moped. This sticker will not be issued unless the vehicle meets the above requirements.
    Operating Requirements

    Moped operators are subject to the traffic laws, rules and regulations of the Commonwealth.

    Mopeds will have the right to use all public ways in the Commonwealth, except limited access or express state highways where signs prohibiting bicycles have been posted.

    Mopeds may use bicycle lanes next to various ways but are excluded from off street recreational paths.

    Moped operators must signal their intention to stop or turn by using either hand.

    Mopeds may keep right when passing a motor vehicle which is in the travel lane of a way.
    Restrictions When Operating a Moped

    Mopeds will not be operated:

    * By any person under 16 years of age.
    * By any person who does not have a valid license or permit.
    * At a speed greater than 25 miles per hour.
    * Without the operator and any passenger wearing a DOT standard helmet.
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    Comply with all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards. Thats the one that I can't meet but I ride with a helmet, googles, a safety vest and a DM stamped on the license M being motorcycle and of course a fresh 40.00 moped sticker. And also don't drive like an ***
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