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Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by bradenkerr, Oct 15, 2009.

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    alright, so im new to this whole motorized bike thing BUT i found a small child's tricycle at my park. While we were riding along, we started joking about having a motor on it and how funny it would be. Pretty soon the joke turned into an actual idea, so does anyone have any tips/ideas for this beast?

    Below are some pictures.

    The Trike:


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    I'd suggest you make up a one page flyer with a description of the trike on it, and post it at that parks entrances, offering to return some little kids treasured toy if the caller can give a bit of info confirming it is theirs.

    I had my trike stolen when I was 4 years old - I'm 53 now - and it still makes me angry to remember it. I loved that thing.
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    Two words...grow up.

    Please try to return the kid's toy. Then come back with an ordinary bicycle or man-sized three-wheeler.
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    I agree with the guys .... Try to find the trike's owner.

    I am sure you can find a more suitable trike to seriously motorize.
    We will be here for you, when you do!! :D

    Don't grow up too fast... Enjoy your youth!!

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    We found it at the park on its side, after it had been there overnight...
    + it was broken, and the paint was sketchy as...
    Also, council cleanup is on, where people just put all **** out the front and it gets picked up by a truck, so most likely someones rode it for a bit and then dumped it.
    + why are people so angry on this forum...
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    Not my first choice Braden to motorize but it's your time & money.
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    My 2 cents,

    I would go with a small electric motor, friction drive on one or both of the rear wheels. I would stick with no more the a 10mph goal. Go to and do a search for the ATM. Click on the "gearless traction". It will give you a idea of how to mont the motor.
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    Kid's Trike

    Braden...nobody on this forum is normally 'angry.' We are not mean people; but, what you proposed was just plain thoughtless. I agree with all the guys that you should try and find the trike's owner. Failing that, I have never seen a trike quite like that one. I would have it looked at by an antique or artifacts may be that someone threw out "that old trike that's molding in the attic" but is really worth $$$...who knows?