Motorised Invalid Carriage

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fabian, Apr 15, 2010.

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    Interesting find. I have an electric "sick, lame, and lazy" three-wheeled scooter I inherited from my Mother (the preceding label was hers). I charge it up now and then and motor around a bit, just so the batteries don't go irrecoverably dead on it. Got to looking at it recently and thinking - it'll do 12 mph on the tiny wheels now on it, which are direct drive from the motor. If I put 12 inch child bike sized wheels with heavy spokes on it, no reason it shouldn't go 20+ mph. Lengthen the forward frame just a bit with an upswept "prow", and put a pivot point for the steering column at the point. I can make a two position variable rake front fork, so with it outstretched in road position it is more stable at speed, but I can simply swing the steering to near vertical to navigate indoors if I ride it to the market.

    Heck, double the number of batteries by paralleling two more sealed gel cell SLA'S alongside what it now has, I could double the useful range to 24 miles. It is tempting. While this town is very bicycle unfriendly, it has lowered curb ramps at every intersection on the sidewalks, and I have a "Disabled Resident" identification card.
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    Do it Simon..I bet there are a lot of people who use those that would like a little coustomizing, upgrades..or just do it for yourself. might give some others here some ideas.
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    Motorized invalid carriage? In other words, a Toyota. Many seniors drive them where I live - seeing a Camry is a warning sign that you are about to get cut off. Unintended acceleration? I don't think so, it is driver error since the median age of a Toyota driver is probably over 80. They should change their slogan from "Moving Forward" to "Moving Forward - Uncontrollably"
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    As it happens, I drive a Corolla. My daughter drives a Sienna minivan (she has 3 little kids at home), my sister in law drives a Toyota Avalon, my brother a bulletproof HiLux pickup with over 500K miles on it. My younger brother drives a Camry - about 5,000 miles/month all over the NE for his business. His wife drives a Plymouth, but she just inherited it from her Mom last fall. Before that she had another Camry.

    The oldest of us is 56, the youngest 31. We all chose Toyotas because of one simple, indisputable fact - they are utterly reliable if maintained, they are reasonably priced, and overall they are by far the best value for the money.

    Learn to drive defensively.
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    Had to laugh when I saw this. We had been joking about this on the other site. I was a little bitter about being slowed up by my self inflicted physical impairment and this broke out into a joke between Silver Bear and I. He was hit by lightning and we were joking about making a couple of "mobility impared" trikes.

    Bairdco "Mr. Colson" sent a bunch of ads along that showed Colson Cripple Chairs. Now Silver bear is talking about the Colson Crippler. The new trike. I had seen this trike on the web sight and started designing the Colson Crippler based on this idea.
    As soon as I have the sidecar build done I'm on the C C build.