Motorised Tandem with sidecar.

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by Sianelle, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Sianelle

    Sianelle Guest

  2. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    that's so cool.
  3. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    Nice one.
    Google images of tandem moped. ;)
  4. wavygravy

    wavygravy Guest

    thats what i want for xmas! i wonder what the turning radius is?
  5. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    Tom needs to see this one. He just bought a tandem.
  6. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    Wowsville! Sionelle, that looks to be at least a 250 cc motor. A nice set up for the family sunday drives.
  7. Rhett

    Rhett Member


    Now thats what is SO COOL!!! I recently saw something like that at an open resturaunt in Waldorph Germany, complete with side car, parked next to a vintage Bugatti car, the car had a parking ticket on the windshield, but not the bike
  8. huckersteve

    huckersteve Member

    Coolest thing I have ever seen. Ever.
  9. haha its like the soccer moms MB...
  10. s_beaudry

    s_beaudry Member

    Cherry ride....

    Serious headturner that thing is, I would love to cruise downtown Columbia with this ride!
  11. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    Bugatti made a cyclemotor engine, or two to be precise..

    underslung valved single cylinder motor with rootes type supercharger as standard models 72 & 72Bis but they werent ever put into production.

    So far as I know there is one complete engine, that shows signs of having run, getting a chinese company to copy that would be somewhat interesting...

    Jemma xx
  12. Oui! (That's the sum total of my knowledge of the French language.) Sure wish we had more of the details. That thing rocks. Wavy would love it.
  13. wavygravy

    wavygravy Guest

    sianelle & jemma absolutely come up with the coolest stuff! i do love it! drooling now!!
  14. Email

    Email Member

    Very nice... made me lookup some more Derny Tandem links.

    Definitely makes me think about modding my Schwinn Twinn... to match it.
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  15. brendonv

    brendonv Member

    Well where would u put the ticket? Under the tire?
  16. GYPSY

    GYPSY New Member

    With what would one start to build a tandem out off? Are there any resonable priced bike frames available that would be strong enough? I would think that the wheels and brakes would need to be upgraded and could a springer front fork be added? Also, what engines would be adequate to have the torque needed to climb hills and what type of clutch? Top speed is not important - 15mph tops. Could it be built for less than a new Whizzer?
  17. echotraveler

    echotraveler Member

    thats one nice vintage looking family bike! love the gast tank!

    how are those tanks called? its just a metal cylinder, do you guys know of a name i could use to look for one?? ive done many searches in google, and evilbay to find one.
  18. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Any decent tandem bike is probably going to have a frame more than strong enough - they are designed for the weight of two adult riders and a much longer stretch between wheel contact patches, after all. Run a google search for "tandem bikes" - make sure the frame style will accomodate an engine.

    Heck, Toys R Us has a tandem for $229.99.

    Engine choice depends on lots of factors - are you in western Wyoming (mountainous terrain) or eastern Wyoming (flat as a pancake)? A GEBE system might work well, or frame mount an HT or other engine. I wouldn't reccomend friction drive.
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