Motorize Bicycle Police Chase You Can Do it & Win!


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Mar 19, 2018
LOL you're lost,that's a dry fuel rocket one shot done going where?
I would like to see a flywheel powered bike, a 20" flywheel of mass 300 lbs spinning at 30,000rpm has 140kwh of stored power..... Or since its I=mr^2, you could also do 40" at 75lbs at 30k rpm. Yeah it would be pretty hard to get 30k rpm, but even like 10k rpm would still have juice.
That's 5 gallons of gasoline, but with gasoline engine efficency 20%, more like 5 x 5 = 25 gallons.....

If that flywheel were to power a bicycle and all that energy transmitted in like a second, that would be even more powerful than one of these chemical rockets, i think.... It might though tear the thing apart b/c thats a lot of juice, so maybe the rockets arent so bad. just food for thought ya know. I believe back in the day before battery tech was better, one company made a flywheel bus where instead of batteries, the flywheel stored the power....

I would suppose one could take a car battery pack of such and use that to power a motor connected to a giant flywheel. This way it could be reloaded many times, unlike the rocket which only works once, but then again, id suppose a smarter design could make the rockets automatically reload...
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Oct 12, 2019
Hold on. I've gone 317MPH.
How are your figures?

Think for a moment...

What if your daughter was struck by a car.....................

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