Motorize bike backfires after turning in choke



Just rebuilt my MB and have about 3 hours on it at low rpms and 20:1 Rp oil and premium pump gas.

I turned on my motorized bikes choke and it stalled out with a backfire. Turned off choke and tryed starting it again and all it does is backfire and won’t start.
I’ve pulled apart the cylinder, and reeds/intake to check if anything was wrong and everything seems in place. One time when I pulled it apart after trying to start and I noticed what looks like exhaust smoke in the crank.
I had just replaced my enitre ignition system and have good spark, I also have my kill switch disconnected.

I have a 6cc billet head,bikeberry bottomend, and a zeda dioreed cylinder and intake , also a homemade windowed piston.

I also order a gasket kit which will be here in 2 weeks.


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Jul 23, 2012
backfire is often lack of fuel - reeds not opening, carb clogged, filter clogged - any change done since last time it ran?