Motorized 60's Era Hawthorne for sale

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    This is how I spent much of this past crummy Indiana winter -
    Tooling on this thing!
    It's a pretty cool bike and it has LOTS of pop. I've never opened it
    up all the way but I'll say that it can do 40 MPH without breaking a
    sweat. The tires are Michelin All Terrains that have been kevlared to
    prevent puncture. It has a replica mustang gas tank that I purchased off
    of Ebay which I then painted, laquered and decaled (the center piece).
    It has 2 front headlights. 1 (the right side) is a cheap chinese 56 LCD that
    illuminated the front of the bike very well. The left side light is a Cateye
    1500 candlepower that punches a big bright light on the pavement in front
    of you. You can see very well and are provided plenty of reaction time
    while riding at night. I've mounted 2 taillights. The bottom a simple Bell
    light, but the top light has wireless, hands-free turn signals built into it.
    You lean left. the blinkers on the left side blink. Lean right...You get it.
    This is an 80 cc engine but I've fabricated 2 49cc engine displacement
    stickers that I printed onto Kodak laminated photo paper. I then eurethaned
    them onto the side engine covers....Does anyone on here have to ask why
    I did that?....Is there a cop that is going to pull you over that can identify
    an 80cc engine vs. a 49cc engine?.....Moving on....
    2 Harley FLH Bobber mirrors. Cheap bicycles mirros vibrate and can
    unallign while riding. These are the real deal but they are also adjustable.
    The seat post is a BMX layback. I'm 5-10 and it works for me but you
    might end up going with something else. I've used a vintage, relative
    wind speed indicator as the speedometer. No wires or hardware to attach
    to your wheels or forks. Riding into the wind, pressure forced through a
    port moves the needle. It's good for "approximate" speed reading at a
    I did not flash weld the tank to the bike. Instead, I split a t-ball stand
    down the middle and used it as a buffer. I layed the tank on it and used
    4 hose clamps to attach it to the frame. It's ON there, but again;
    detachable with a flathead screwdriver. I've listed this bike on Indy
    Craigslist for $1300. I'm listing it here for $1000
    I will not take this bike apart. I have a van and will deliver it to Kentucky,
    Michigan, Illinois, or Ohio with a $200 deposit. Other out of state
    deliveries can be negotiated.

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